The Scooby Doo Picture Frame Gag Gets A High-Tech Spying Twist

Are there any here among us who didn't watch Scooby Doo as a kid, see a villain spying (with blinking eyes) behind a picture on the wall, and secretly wish we could do that? We may never be allowed to carve holes in our walls, but we can still make that dream come true.

Mark Rober, our favourite NASA employee and maker of awesome videos, has combined two of his hits for this one. It's basically a hybrid of his iPad hole in the gut costume from Halloween 2011 and his Digital Dudz costume from Halloween 2012 that gives you the same cut-out eyes effect without all the drywall bills.

Is it practical? Not really. Is it fun? Hell yes! I mean, you wouldn't really use this for spying. You'd only include the cut-out eyes if you wanted to get caught. For pranks, though this is great. We also like the low-cost, one-way option he gives at the end of the video. [Mark Rober]

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