The Queen Is Now A Tablet User, Guess Which One Her Royal Highness Has...

Beneath my Australian citizenship lies a heart that still beats for my original homeland of Great Britain, so I was quite pleased when I read today that the monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, now owns a tablet. You'll never guess what Lizzie got for herself, either...

Sorry Apple-lovers, Her Majesty is now rocking a Galaxy Note 10.1 as her daily driver!

The Queen is getting the Note 10.1 as part of the Diamond (re)collection celebrations. It's basically so that she can scroll through all the items in the online time capsule in honour of her 60 years on the throne.

I don't imagine she'll be doing a whole lot of surfing or gaming on the thing, but it's nice to know that our Monarch is up with the times.

Which tablet would you give the Queen? [Gizmodo UK]

Image: Shutterstock

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