The Nexus 4 Will Likely Hit Store Shelves Soon

Yesterday after my hands-on time with the Nexus 4, I got talking with the big wigs at LG Australia. I wondered aloud how many units the Nexus 4 would sell considering that it's going to be online-only? As soon as those words fell out of my mouth, I was immediately corrected: "We expect to have it in stores soon." Oh.

The Nexus 4 is probably the best deal you'll get on an Android phone this side of 2013. It's built like a sparkly supermodel and thinks like IBM's Watson computer compared to other Android handsets.

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LG told us yesterday that, despite the fact that carriers are shunning it in lieu of 4G-powered smartphones, it's not afraid to launch the Nexus 4 without a carrier in the countries glut of gadget retailers. Unbranded, unlocked, unleashed.

The Nexus 4 is likely to go on sale on Google Play by November 13. Stores aren't likely to have stock for a little while after that, simply because demand for the device is already so damn high, LG is having trouble keeping up with demand.

Better make 'em quick, LG. We'll be waiting.



    There were some **rumors** floating about that the pricing would be different if buying from a bricks-and-mortar store VS buying online. There was even discussion of the phone being priced considerably more expensively ($500-600ish). Was there any discussion relating to this?

      The nexus 7 can be had for around the same price as online so I doubt this would be the case, how would you possibly sell any if there was a $1-200 premium at the store.

      Talking about

        Yeah that's the story i had heard (different source, but same info)... although reading further it seems that that is only the case in countries where the Play Store doesn't sell to directly (which doesn't include Aus).

    i seriously thought (after reading the other article) that this phone was a year away...november 13!??!

    oh, like next friggin week!?

    I get that carriers don't want to pick up any new non-4G handsets, but why wouldn't Vodafone pick it up? They don't have a 4G network, and this DC-HSPA device might be just what they need to boost sales, especially as they could market it as an exclusive...

      If Voda got this phone exclusively, I'd be super sad

    When will the Nexus 7 3G be available here?

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