The Most Unpopular Apple Employee In The World

I would have loved to have listened in on this job interview.

I'm sure Mr Sung has to take a lot of crap from wiseass Canadian Apple shoppers just because of a patent war between two companies over which he has no control. And I admire him for that. But you have to wonder -- why not just go by Samuel?

Giz AU night editor's note: This is actually my local Apple Store. The last time I went in there I had a smartass Genius point at my RAZR and say, "Haven't you heard? No Motorolas allowed here." I was not pleased, even if he was joking. So should I go and see if this Sam Sung dude really exists? It's just down the road from where I live. -- Elly

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    “Haven’t you heard? No Motorolas allowed here.” I was not pleased.

    Really you took offence to that? I mean sure it's not a very funny joke but clearly it was meant in jest.

      There's joking and being cheeky, and then there's snooty/smug hipster joking. These cringe-worthy jokes are passable if they're backed by a genuinely nice person and a smile, when its obvious that you're being cheeky. Body Language and all that.

      Elly's statement leads me to infer that the person was being smug and snooty, and not just cheeky.

        I would never talk to my customers like that, it's exactly that kind of behaviour that tarnishes a brand.

        Yeah, that really is pushing the boundaries of jokes that people do not know each other should make in a real life setting.

        Mind you I've had more than one apple employee compliment my headphones and they're a brand they don't carry instore (fairly different though!)

          Still if that's all it takes to effect your attitude the world is going to be a harsh place. Pushing the boundaries? Really? A motorolo joke? It's not like they mentioned her weight or something. Are we all getting far too sensitive about our gadgets?

            I disagree. There is nothing wrong with expecting polite professional service. If I wanted to be told jokes I would go to a comedy club which if this person was any good at they would be doing the comedy club instead of working for apple. Customer interactions are important and sometimes it only takes one lame joke to not only annoy a customer enough to make them not want to come back, but also to generate some unwanted negative press when it ends up online like this! If they were my employee, they would be out the door!

              I agree with what your saying, you certainly want employees to be professional, but my point is if someone makes a joke (or attempts a joke) and you "decide" to be unhappy about it that's a terrible way to go about life. Why let it affect you at all. Can I ask would you at least performance manage your staff or is it one bad joke to a customer and your fired? Sounds like a very austere work environment.

                Not at all. Humour is so subjective and there are so many taboo subjects now with all the political correctness BS, that it is not worth going there as the payoff is small but the risk is big. By all means joke among the staff out of ear-shot of customers but when it comes to customers, professional and courteous always wins. A lesson I learned a long time ago is to assume that you have met the person on the worst day of their lives. A lot of crap happens to people on a day to day basis and you don't want to be a trigger for an event of any sort. Help them get through the process with a minimum of fuss so they can get on with their lives. A very successful friend of mine said he treats all customers as if they were his mother.

                Businesses spend huge amounts of dollars just to entice customers into their store and that can all be undermined by a smartass who thinks he is funny and instead comes off as a jerk. It's hard to know what connections a customer has that could make a very simple misunderstanding turn into a major incident in the media (sort of like this one).

                Actually my company is a pretty fun place compared to most I have worked at and I am one of the biggest practical jokers around it's just that there is a right time and a wrong time for this sort of stuff and knowing the difference is important.

                  So basically a huge rant without actually answering my question. Don't join a debate team whatever you do.

                You do realise this is Gizmodo after all and there are no terms of use that require me to answer your questions or to write anything remotely coherent? I chose to elaborate my position via some wisdom gained and lessons learned in life a.k.a. "rant" (for you). I would hate to think you might lose some sleep over this so to address your concerns, here are my answers:
                1. because I am not a robot.
                2. depends.

                I would explain further but is seems you apply a 140 character limit to responses.

                BTW, I'm not exactly sure but assessing a response as a "rant" hardly qualifies you for the debate team either.

                Have a nice day :)

      Oh I thought the joke was there are still people calling themselves "Genius" in Apple stores.

    Would be interesting to see how much flack he gets on a daily basis.

    Hope he uses this to his advantage in Sales/Customer Service, i.e. his name immediately sticks in your mind (read Malcolm Gladwell's "The Tipping Point" for a further explanation of "stickiness") which leads you to trust the man subconsciously and constantly go back to see him as he's now become a trusted advisor.

    Hmm - I smell a rat. I reckon you should get down there Elly. Show Mr Sung your Razr...

    Giz Australia editor lives in Vancouver?

    Whut? Why?

      Because they liked her and chose to keep her employed here when she went overseas. It kind of makes sense to have a night editor who's in a timezone where night-editing lets you be awake and active as the stories come in and not in zombie graveyard shift mode.

    The Wel Hungg Sam Sung.

    Last edited 20/11/12 9:50 pm

      I didnt know Canada had a death penalty...

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