The First 3D Printing Photobooth Is Like A Walk-In Shrink Ray

If you've ever thought it would be cool to have a miniature figurine of yourself — or maybe a loved one — just hanging out on your desk and doing it's thing, your day has come. The first 3D printing photobooth is due to open in Japan later this month.

From November 24 to January 14, 2013, those who wish get themselves a mini-me can go to the Eye of Gyre exhibition space in Harajuku for the procedure. The miniatures come in three sizes, roughly 10, 15, and 20cm and cost the equivalent of $US265, $US400, and $US530 respectively, with modest discounts for groups. You can bet it'll still be expensive though.

This isn't a casual, walk-in affair; if you want some of these miniatures, you'll have to make reservations ahead of time. But despite the price tag and the having to schedule an appointment, this is some remarkably detailed 3D printing, the likes of which isn't often available for public use. That said, they should totally offer a discount for getting your replica all in green with its feet attached to a platform. I could really get behind that. [Japan Design Collective]

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