The Evolution Of The Mobile Phone In One Giant Picture

The mobile phone, or smartphone as we now tend to call it, has come a long way since its invention. To celebrate its 20th anniversary Japanese communications company NTT DoCoMo put together an actual display, illustrating the the evolution of its phone line.

While you probably can't go see the physical instalment, you can see this picture. Sure, it doesn't show every phone every made by everyone and rather just the ones by DoCoMo, it still gives you a great look into the evolution of the device as whole, were it came from, and where it is now. Take a look.




    Clearly every single one of these has stolen something from the iPhone go get em Apple haha

      ...Like what?

        They all have screens and are mostly rectangular.

        And every single one of them exists in three dimensions, an innovation Apple developed in the 80s.

      That would be true if apple was the first, but sony compaq hp palm all had iPhone like devices prior to the iPhone's existence

    Is it just me or the Years are out of order?

      It does appear as though that's the case.

      Of course they're not out of order. Didn't you know that Apple has patented the idea that "2004" comes before "2001", such that everything released by Apple in 2004 cannot be copied by anything released in 2001!

        I know it's unnecessary, but to my Fandroid mind, it is exactly the kind of thing I can envisage Apple attempting to do.

      Just you and everyone else, its just a bad design, you read it top to bottom move right top to bottom etc, instead of regular reading style , more obvious when you look at the original (giz cut the top off)

    Not really a evolution, what about the mobile phones from the 80's or at least the early 90's

      they were too big to be on this picture :)

      Yes I was wondering the same. Where is my phone from the 80's with its car sized battery all in a convenient carry bag?

    look at those gorgeous flip-phones.

    A bit sad to see the mass of multicoloured phones morph into a series of black rectangles :(

      At least if you scroll really quickly the middle is a beautiful rainbow man

    Totally not a fan of what phones have become. I think they peaked in design back around the early 00s, when smaller and lighter was the big thing. Love my 6100 to death, and would really like to see a new phone of similar size but more modern functionality.

    Been a while since I saw this many apple products.

    Not being a troll or anything but after the iPhone released basically every top phone has just become a screen with a few capacitive or physical buttons on the front.

    I wonder if we'll ever see the return of different form factors like flip phones or the like.

    I miss having a clamshell phone. Flipping it open to answer a phone call felt good.

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