The Empire State Building Will Track Election Results In Bright, Shiny Lights

ABC and NBC News may have hijacked Times Square and Rockafeller Plaza's ice-rink, respectively, for tonight's presidential potato sack race. But CNN will actually project their real-time results where the whole city (and country) can see: the Empire State Building.

The tower's brand new LED-technology will be put into use for the first time as the spire becomes a meter (Romney in red, Obama in blue) for CNN's running tally of electoral votes. Just below, the mast itself will glow with stripes in a patriotic red, white, and blue.

The real show, though, won't come until the end of the night when a winner is (hopefully) announced. At this point, the tower lights will change to either all-red or all-blue, lighting up the victor's hearts and pouring salt on the defeated's fresh, open wounds. Because America. [CNN via Mashable]

Image: Flickr, Dan Nguyen via Mashable

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