The Effect Of Education In The US Election

These are — according to Fox Business data — the best and worst educated states in the United States of America, ordered by percentage of residents 25 or older with at least a bachelor's degree in 2011. It also shows how those states voted. Can you see any pattern?

Perhaps there's no correlation. Perhaps it is just a coincidence. Maybe we should ask Nate Silver to do the maths. [Happy Place via Twitter]


    No math needed. The Low Information Voters as they are called are predominantly those with a lower level of higher education and it is this group that are more inclined to vote Republica

      Yep, the book "Deer Hunting with Jesus" describes this rather well.

      This doesn't mean anything. Many people 25 years older or more don't have a degree; only the past few decades or so has it become more of a necessity to have a college degree, before then there was no point.
      There would still be many many educated Republicans, this correlation is just ridiculous.

      I don't think it is as pronounced as the infographic would make out. Across the country the popular vote was fairly close 61.9 mill for Obama and 58.6 million for Romney. A state isn't completely one way or the other as suggested by the red or blue. In most of those Obama states more than 35% of the "educated" votes still went to Romney. In Colorado it was as high as 46%. I am not sure that a simplistic infographic like this serves anyone very well.

    I'm sure there'd be a similar (though not quite as pronounced) trend with Labour vs. Liberal here.

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      You might be surprised. Many young people with degrees would likely vote Green. Though Liberals would have some support from business leaders with MBAs. I would be intrigued to see this for Australia.

        When I did my MBA, the younger the students were, the more likely they were to support the Greens and Centre-Left, although they didn't have much love for Labor, so they were pretty frustrated by the lack of a political party they could affiliate with.

        Not as clear cut as it looks at first. Let's be honest after all, most Arts degrees require less intelligence than operating a check out at Coles or Woolworths.

        Also this assumes that the only vocations requiring skill, intelligence or excellence as those found at University.

        While most people are going to agree that a Doctor or Engineer are more intelligent than a Gardener for example, not so sure you'll get the same level of agreement comparing someone with a Fine Arts degree to a Mechanic...

          What a pretentious idiot you are but as I experience it at uni here Australians like to bash art degrees. Usually people with an intellectual level of frog who are proud that they never read a proper book in their life say/write things like that. Shame on you, people like you make me sick also make me think about moving to a place where you have more intelligent and tolerant people.
          *those who are not idiots like Brett please ignore this reply, this is not aimed at you*

          You know who says that kind of rubbish? People who don't have a degree at all. You'll still earn exponentially more with an arts degree in some junior office position that you will being a grease monkey.

          Your comment is so indicative of the 'tall poppy' syndrome here in Australia that desperately attempts to attach some sort of hidden dignity to being poor / uneducated.

    with Labour vs. Liberal here...

    Yep, clearly.

    Try Labor, sunshine

    I got to the bit that said fox.

      Yet you're not intrigued that this is the opposite of what you'd expect Fox to promote, they being the most radically pro Republican media of all...?

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        I must admit I did read it and was surprised.

    They're all dumb, both sides are the same thing, no difference between Republican or Democrat. They're all crooks who work for big business and Wall Street big wigs.

    The smart ones are the people who don't vote. Your vote in America is pointless and meaningless. You live in the 2 party delusion of democracy, when in fact you live in a Plutocracy, the rich are in charge and make all the rules.

    That's not internet pop culture that is fact, it's also why no one is in prison for the financial crisis of 2008.

    Your Constitution and Bill of Rights are outdated jokes, you live in a dream, the American dream.

    You cannot accept these facts because you have been conditioned and brainwashed from birth to believe you live in a democracy with freedom, liberty and justice for all. And that just isn't the case.

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      Please, talk like that just upsets the in-patients.


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      And the government is out to oppress us, suppress us! Rise up and fight the power man, fight the power! The can't control our minds if we don't let them! They send signals on the airwaves, signals that get to your mind through your metal fillings! Quick Robin, to the Batcave and don our tinfoil hats!

    I suspect that for everyone that voted for Obama, their education is about to begin.

    I'm surprised Fox would publish this I expect you'd find similar results comparing Fox viewers with PBS.

      Fox didn't publish it. They just published the education data. Someone else joined the dots.

    So really this 'report' is just inferring that anyone without a bachelor's degree is too stupid to vote for the right presidential candidate. Am I right? If that's the case, this 'report' is pretty narrow-sighted. No, I don't have a bachelor's degree, but I study constantly in my free time and consider myself fairly intelligent.

      Wrong right! XD

      US States who are generally more educated as defined by the states with a higher relative % of degree holders within the population, voted Democrat. This means they voted left.

      This is opposed to US States who are less educated (and more edumaccated) as defined by the states with a lower relative % of degree holders within the population, voted Republican. This means they voted right!

      All those who voted right were wrong, and all those who voted left were right. This means left was right and right was wrong!

      Also it implies much about the Republican tea party, and how uneducated and gun toting red-neck they are.

      It also says much about the Fox network's dumbed down content yet right wing view of the world.

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    Nothing to do with being educated - especially because there is no distinction between liberal arts degrees and maths/science/engineering degrees. More like left-wing college indoctrination.

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