The Dark Knight Rises Is So Much Better When It Only Stars Bane

Bane The Movie by banethemovie The Dark Knight Rises is an amazing movie, and the film's villain -- the masked madman known only as Bane -- is the best part of the tale. What happens, then, when you cut everything out of The Dark Knight Rises except for the parts starring Bane?

This 25-minute supercut of The Dark Knight Rises gives you all the Bane you can handle by including scenes that only star him.

It's called Bane: The Movie, and it's so good that I just watched it all the way through. Twice.

Pro-tip: watch it before it gets taken down. I doubt the studios will be happy to find out that this exists...

Thanks to Jack for sending this one in.

Images: Warner Bros.

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    it's down...

      It isn't...

      EDIT: Luke's link is somewhat easy to miss with the Daily Motion imbedded link, but it's there... Above the artice.

      Last edited 28/11/12 11:08 am

    Any movie douchebale has ben removed from will be 100% better.

    damn it's down. hope it finds it's way to Fan Edits :)

      It isn't...

      Luke's link is somewhat easy to miss, but it's there... Above the artice.

    This movie was rubbish. It's a movie about batman without batman in it.

    Hmm the embed totally fails and looks broken, but yeah the link works if you paste it in address window

    Last edited 28/11/12 5:31 pm

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