The Best Secret Gmail Feature Is Hiding In Plain Sight

There's a Google Mail feature you have to use. Seriously. You must. Because copying an entire chain of messages after your reply doesn't make any sense when people can scroll down to see all the messages, chained one after the other. What makes sense is to only provide the snippet that you are actually replying to. And that's why you need to do this:

1. Select the text you are replying to in Gmail.

2. Hit the reply button.

3. Boom! Only the selected text will be quoted. Reply at will.

I know. This is common in all mail programs, but most people don't know this exists in Gmail too.

Enjoy the love of your correspondents, who will be grateful forever. [JGC]



      Googles undocumented features are useful, Apple on the other hand not so much.

    It isn't on Outlook 2007 - just tried it .. other than just a new thread on the last it doesnt "quote" or "highlight"

    This has been on everything. From thunderbird to zimbra to evolution & plenty of others (including gmail) since time immortal

      "Time immortal" eh?
      I can see another Lifehacker article in the wings!
      How about "Time immemorial"?

      Last edited 28/11/12 3:58 pm


    Its a bad habit, but I tent to select text with my mouse curser as I read.. I guess it helps me read somehow.

    Anyway, I keep getting annoyed responses when I hit reply-mail button. Since it usually says something like:

    "nyway, we shou"

    End of message.

    There are pro's and cons to this mail feature... and bad reading habits die hard!

      Yep, I'm the same. For the past couple of days I always have to discard and try again whenever I reply to anyone!!

    Google : Making shit useful since... forever.
    Microsoft : Making shit useful... after Google made shit useful... since forever.
    Apple: Patenting making shit useful and I can no longer talk about this...

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