Steam's Autumn Sale Continues With More Gaming Bargains

As if you didn't have enough games to play this weekend, Steam's Autumn sale keeps on keeping on. The bargains today are just as good as they were yesterday! Anyone say $US5 for Portal 2?

A lot of these deals are only going for a limited time, so get in fast. There will be new deals every 48 hours. All prices here are in $US, and the bold accents are our pick for must-buy games.

• ARMA II: Combined Operations — $US14.99 (down from $29.99) • Max Payne 3 — $US22.49 (down from $US89.99) • Portal 2 — $US4.99 (down from $US19.99) • Sleeping Dogs — $US24.99 (down from $US49.99) • Prototype 2 — $US34.99 (down from $US69.99) &bull RAGE — $US7.49 (down from $US29.99, ends in 30 minutes!) • Dead Island — $US6.79 (down from $US19.99, ends in 30 minutes!)

You can still get a few of yesterday's deals, too. Here's a refresher course:

• XCOM: Enemy Unknown — $US46.89 (down from $US69.99) • Magic The Gathering: Dunes Of The Planewalkers — $US4.99 (down from $US9.99) • The Walking Dead — $US12.49 (down from $US24.99) • Darksiders II — $US16.99 (down from $US49.99) • Age of Empires III Complete Edition — $US9.99 (down from $US39.99) • Terraria — $US3.39 (down from $US9.99)

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