Spy Through The Air With The Greatest Of Ease With Your Own Autonomous UAV

Have you ever wanted to do survelience on your friends, neighbours, enemies, or that sketchy-looking house down the street? Have you ever wanted a drone of your own? Well Lehmann Aviation's LA100 might be your chance if you can spare the scratch.

Unlike other RC "drones" that require you to fly them, the LA100 is completely autonomous and carries out pre-programmed flight paths of up to five minutes, reaching heights of up to 330 feet with no need for real-time control; it's a real UAV. And when it comes to taking pictures, the LA100 goes all out with a mounted GoPro Hero 3. All you have to do is program the flight path, take it out for launch, wait for it to finish its flight, and check out the footage.

What's the catch? It's a little expensive. It comes out in December for the low, low price of $US1280. It's not cheap, but really, what more could you ask of your own personal drone? Maybe firepower, but I think I speak for all of us when I say "oh god no please god no, no no no." [Lehmann Aviation via Gizmag via Ubergizmo]

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