Sources: WIRED Will Announce A New Editor-In-Chief Tomorrow

According to sources close to Condé Nast, WIRED will announce its new editor-in-chief tomorrow. The nearly 20-year-old tech magazine, which was run by Chris Andersen for the past 10 years, will have a new boss very, very soon.

Sources familiar with the situation list three names to pay attention to: Bob Cohn, editorial director of the Atlantic Digital and former executive editor of WIRED, Thomas Goetz, the current executive editor of WIRED and Scott Dadich, vice president of editorial platforms & design at Condé Nast who also has a history at WIRED as he once was the creative director at WIRED and ran the tablet division.

We don't know exactly who will be named Head Honcho of WIRED but sources point towards Dadich as being the frontrunner. In a 2010 New York Observer feature, Dadich had expressed interest in running his own publication saying he "would love to be an editor". Looks like he might get his chance.

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