Sony’s World-Eclipsing 84-Inch 4K TV Just Went On Sale

Sony’s World-Eclipsing 84-Inch 4K TV Just Went On Sale

If you finished up your weekend with a spare $24,999 in your pocket, you needn’t worry about having to spend it frivolously just to get it out of your life. Sony just opened up orders for its world-eclipsing 84-inch 4K TV.

Sure you could buy a car with that money or even put a nice down-payment on a house. You could even go and buy yourself 75 16GB iPad minis. But why would you do any of those once you’d seen how beautifully crisp this panel really is.

We went eyes-on with it following this year’s IFA presentation and the images are so rich in detail that you actually think you’re seeing something in 3D. The image is so clear and so detailed that your eye can clearly tell what’s a foreground object and what’s not, meaning that things literally pop off the screen as if it’s lenticular 3D only not vomit-inducing.

The sound this thing puts out is also earth-shattering. You can have it down to a dull roar or bring the audio up so high that you’d need to hold onto something.

It’s on sale now at Sony’s Sydney store at World Square.