Sony Thinks Most Aussies Are Unfit To Use DSLRs

Sony is trying to sell its new Nex e-mount camera by telling most DSLR users that they are dumb and stupid and clueless. According to Sony, two thirds of all DSLRs users never take their camera out of the full-auto mode.

And almost three quarters admit they purchased it "for fun" and "family snapshots". And 20 per cent got it to post photos low res photos to Facebook.

So, knowing this, they took out professional Aussie photographer Gary Heery to the streets to tell all these people that they are a bunch of idiots who wasted a lot of money and apparently like to carry around heavy equipment to make their dumb full-auto photos.

Well, Sony, maybe this is not the best way to sell your new camera. Even if you are 100 per cent right -- and yes, yes you are totally right. [Sony Australia]



    So he makes people feel stupid for using their dSLR's on auto and then pushes them to use a smaller dSLR on auto? Sony won't win any fans with this ad.

    I completely agree. I use a DSLR in auto mode all the time. I just like that it has a good sensor that takes nice photos.

    Something like the Nex would probably be perfect for me.

      Agreed. I have been putting off getting a DSLR because of the price and the fact I would use it on auto 99% of the time. I can see how people that bought DSLRs and use them on auto would be upset though..

        Yeah, I think the tone is a little off on this. Making people hold signs saying "Unfit to DSLR" is strange. I'd go with "The Sony Nex is the DSLR I actually wanted" or something.

        Buy what you like then use it how you want.
        Just because this is small without a viewfinder doesn't mean it's easier to use, sometimes when framing a shot light glare makes this sort of camera a nightmare to use, I've watched enough shots with both to see the funny side of what he's saying but to not have a live view alternative......That's up to you

          I didn't even realise these didn't have a viewfinder.

            Hope that helps you buy what you need to shoot how you want, I'm unbiased and think we should use what we like BTW good luck with this weeks Cars challenge :)

            Actually there are 2 models in the range with built in viewfinders, and an optional attachment for the other models :)

    that's about right. i know about 8 people with DSLRs and only 3 of them know anything about their camera.

    I have never really craved a DSLR, it's not my style of photography. Currently I use my Fuji X100, big sensor, great photos, matches my style of photography. I think more people need to think harder about what they want to do with their camera instead of being suckers for Cannon/Nikon marketing. I would recommend the Sony RX-100 to 75% of people with DSLRs simply because it is a point and shoot that takes good photos on auto :p

    I've probably had more eyeballs see my photos than I could ever imagine, courtesy of them being in a published Windows theme, yet... I didn't use a dSLR. How I would love one though!
    The point is... you don't need a fancy camera to be a good photographer :)

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    yes, but have you ever used the menu on a sony camera? chances are you will only ever use it on auto out of fear of getting trapped in the labyrinth that is a sony menu.

    wait did i say yes? after looking at reviews and sample images, the sony is lacking in sharpness. So, other than size and the ability to fill up your memory card really fast with fast bursts, what do you get?

      I've got an NEX-5N and it's great. Surprisingly enough the menu is easy as hell to get around even for an amateur. The risk of getting trapped somewhere or with a setting you don't want really isn't there.

        i remember when i was looking for a camera i was trying to make up my mind if i wanted to go Dslr or micro 4/3 (this was 2010 i think) i remember getting the opportunity to use a nex 3, comparing it to my other choice, the 550d from canon, i remember thinking wow the larger more complex looking camera is easier to use than the small one. any ways that was 2010, the nex 5n is a much newer camera and chances are it is a bit different the the one i used, so i guess ill have to play with the newer sony cameras before i go bad mouthing them again :P

    Pretty sure you can get the cheap DSLR's for less than a Nex... I don't know what cameras those people in the video had though

    I feel even more justified with my Nokia N8 as a primary shooter.

    You loose so much creative control shooting in Auto Mode! Do yourself a favour and learn how to do use it properly - it really isn't that hard once you know the theory of it.

      agreed. the basics of manual control are pretty easy really. any camera shop salesman should be teaching the buyers a little bit anyway.

    Hardly anybody pushes any tech to its edge. We are happy with "nice" or "good enough". At our best we are mediocre :-(

    This is a strange ad from Sony. Keep in mind that Sony does have a full range of DSLR's. The ad is telling people - Buy our NEX range and not our DSLRs. An ad like would make more sense if it came from Panasonic or Olympus who do not have DSLR in the market place.

      Both Olympus and Panasonic Have D-SLR cameras.

    I spent the time to get to know what my D7000 can do, but going full manual isn't the solution for me. I use Aperture or shutter priority depending on the effect I want and let the metering work out the rest.

      Manual mode really is only used for the times where the camera can't get it right it self. So for like studio work, or long exposure where you need to set it at a specific f stop and shutter speed. 99% of the time I'm in aperture priority mode. I only switch to manual mode when I need full control over my D300s e.g shooting fireworks.

    Ken Rockwell said it pretty well:

    "This said, the NEX cameras are worse than DSLRs because they have just as many controls, just harder to get to and without any total-camera-state recalls as have some Nikon and most Canon DSLRs, meaning NEX has less to carry, but more to get in the way of a good photo."

    Using a DSLR on auto is like buying a high performance sports car and driving on first gear the entire time.

    Who cares why and what they bought it for.. they bought it.. DSLRs aren't cheap... shows there's a market for it..

    Yep. Make fun of the people you're trying to sell to. Nice move.

    I wonder what he thinks of people who buy 4 wheel drives and never take them off road then? 80% of yanks do.

    Hmn i see a 5d mk2 with a larger sensor size XD

    I've got a SONY A65, I know how to use it in the manual modes, but damn SONY, auto works so well too, maybe that's why we are all so dumb?

    Not really. More like using a sports car with traction control. It will stop you from making mistakes but you won't get the full potential out of it.
    I think a lot of people also buy a DSLR with the intention of learning more about photography. But when it comes to capturing family moments and so on auto is just easier and more likely to get the moment rather than worrying about having the perfect settings for most people.

    why even get a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera and not a point and shoot?

    Compares sensors...
    Mirrorless: exposed sensor
    DSLR: reflex mirror reflecting focusing screen... not a sensor.

    As a DSLR user who has never taken a shot in Auto mode, to this ad I can confidently say:
    Or as we say in Australia: In ya bum chum.

    If their own "Pro DSLR" range did not have a "full AUTO" mode of any kind then this would be a lot easier to swallow and make a lot more sense.

    Guess this shows how Sony may be struggling in the camera department by ridiculing consumers who simply bought Dslrs that weren't Sony branded. Auto is good at first but eventually one will work their way around the other menus and setting to realise their cameras potential and their potential to take more interesting and adventurous.

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