Skype Is Giving Away Free Unlimited Worldwide Phone Calling For One Month

Time to call that long-lost aunt in the middle of absolutely nowhere: Skype has just announced that you can now claim a whole month's worth of unlimited free world-wide landline and mobile calling — but only if you claim it today.

While there is a ‘fair usage policy', it seems pretty generous. You have to be an existing Skype member and attach some sort of payment system to your account, just in case you want to use it after the month is out, but otherwise no strings are attached.

The scheme includes unlimited landlines calls to Australian numbers and international calls to over 40 countries. Jump on over to Skype to claim your free calling now. [Skype via Ubergizmo]

Our newest offspring Gizmodo UK is gobbling up the news in a different timezone, so check them out if you need another Giz fix.



    If my Skype can be hacked with just my email address I don't think I'll be handing them my credit card info :)

      That flaw was resolved before that article was written. It wasn't a hack either, just bad work flow, which has now been changed.

    Got this message:
    Oops - it looks like this trial has either expired or isn’t available for this Skype Name.
    Please ensure you’ve signed in with the Skype Name the free trial was sent to.
    I don't have the free trial sent to me. How can I claim this offer?

      Why on earth would you ask here? Gizmodo's not offering it, Skype is, contact them.

        Because Giz is promoting it, sharing it.. so maybe they have inside knowledge that we don't..

    Did you click the "over to skype" link at end of post?

    Everyone please remember to cancel the 'subscription' before the end of your free month otherwise you'll get a reoccurring bill for the service. Unless of course you want to subscribe.

      Deal breaker...... M$'s cunning way to get some free cash for the 20% plus consumers that will forget to cancel the subscription if they no longer want it. I wonder if the process to cancel is long winded.

        A mistake u make only once in your life. Already put it in my calendar.

    Seems like their servers are being hammered with this deal being out.. I'm trying to get it done now and while the first page loads fine, it won't go through past the login page.

    @almostfrench Confirming it worked for me via the "over to skype" link or here:

    Wonder if this works on the skype mobile apps reason it shoudl't.

    Last edited 16/11/12 10:15 am

    Just worked for me no problem. I activated it, then went straight to the deactivation page and cancelled my subscription so it doesn't charge me $13 next month. I can still use it for the rest of the month free and won't forget to unsubscribe at the end.

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