Shooting Challenge: 22 Shots Of Food… Vote For Your Favourite!

Shooting Challenge: 22 Shots Of Food… Vote For Your Favourite!

It’s Gizmodo Australia Shooting Challenge voting time! There are some amazing photos in this bunch, so start voting for your favourite photographer. They might just win a shiny new Olympus OM-D EM-5 camera.

Note: In the interests of fairness, voting has been restricted to one per user, based on cookie and IP.

Voting closes at 10am on Tuesday, November 27.


That’s right, we’re back with another Olympus OM-D EM-5 camera to giveaway! The EM-5 is designed to make the jump into Micro Four-Thirds shooting easy. With Live View functionality that lets you see exactly what a shot will look like before you take it, coupled with a 5-axis in-body image stabiliser for shooting in low light, and a retro design inspired by the first OM-D from 1972, the EM-5 lets you capture some beautiful shots. More at Olympus.

We’re excited to be able to give this one more away to Gizmodo’s Shooting Challenge faithful.

The kit you’re playing for is valued at $1299, and includes the OM-D EM-5 body and the compact 14-42mm zoom lens.

How Judging Works

  • Once again, for three weeks, Gizmodo readers will vote one weekly Shooting Challenge finalist through to the prize round to be judged and announced by Gizmodo editors on Friday, November 30.
  • This week’s entries close at 10am on Tuesday, November 13.
  • ‘Reflection’ voting will begin at 11.30am on Tuesday, 13 November, and close at 10am on Tuesday, November 20.
  • Note: Linking friends from your social networks to the Gizmodo voting page is encouraged, however, use of “vote farming” sites including (but not limited to) GetOnlineVotes or links directly to will result in disqualification. The goal is to grow the Giz Shooting Community in the fairest way possible.

    Please be respectful and constructive if leaving a comment about any photo.

    This Week’s Entries

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    Yunis Tmeizeh

    Canon 600d, 50mm lens, iso400, f/22, 1.6 sec, tripod, handheld flash
    Location: Local lanes in Fitzroy at the dead of night (when else does one go down a seedy lane?)
    A sequence of photos were taken over a 30 minutes period monitoring the varying melting stages. note to future ice cream shooters…they don’t do what you want them to do!!


    David Thompson

    The idea for this shot came about as I was preparing a salad for lunch.I used a large vase placed over a mirror and positioned both on a chair in the sun.Add water,a black towel at the rear and wash the salad whilst trying to hit the shutter button !
    Nikon d3100
    1 very wet tripod.


    Wilson Zhang


    Glebe Street Fair over the weekend was filled with buzzling stores, performance and most importantly food from different corners of the world. The spanish ladies made the crowd queue for these amazing servings of Seafood Paella that was just immersed in the flavours of the sea. Who can resist?


    Gabriel Feng

    I thought I would capture the different kinds of ingredients that could be used to cook up something delicious. I like the different textures and contrasting colours captured. 2 light setup, 1 under a glass table diffused by a scrim and 1 above the food with a Gary Fong lightsphere, also bouncing off a white material off the top of the image.


    Kenny Kwong

    Canon 550D
    Canon EF-S 18-55mm lens f/3.5-5.6
    ISO 100
    Decided one day to make Panna Cotta. After a few failed batches, we finally perfected it!
    Haven’t had so much fun cooking since ages! Satisfaction at last. 🙂


    Chrishani Candappa

    For the Food Shooting Challenge I am submitting a photo of the most Australian meal lamb chops and salad. My boyfriend (future husband… he doesn’t know yet) cooked this perfect medium rare chop for me Sunday night (18th Nov).
    He was romantic by blindfolding me and sitting me at the table. He lit a scented candle and surprised me with my favourite meal. I had to take a photo to remember the occasion.
    This photo I took with the iPhone 5 – AWB – ISO 400 – 4.1 mm – Aperture: f/2.4 – Shutter Speed: 1/15 – 2448×3264 pixels – 2.7MB – JPEG.


    Tristan Brazier

    Because I don’t know how to cook, or had the time to learn or buy anything before the deadline, I had to use what was laying around. A microwave Sticky Date Pudding!
    Because it was late I wanted to keep it simple so…
    From behind the subject camera right is a Nikon SB-900 into 16″ Softbox, with white reflector to the left and front of the subject to get some detail in the shadows.
    Used a Nikon D700 with 80-200mm f2.8 AFS
    Shot at f4, 1/200s, ISO200, and 145mm


    Nathan Millson

    I have attached a photo of my recent breakfast that I had at the recent Bacchus Marsh (Victoria) Strawberries & Cherries Festival.
    I ordered the Pancakes with strawberry compote and ice cream. It looked most delicious on the plate and it didn’t last very long! 🙂 mmmmmmm!
    Being a social media enthusiast I had to take a photo (always do..) and share it with my friends, followers and foodspotters!
    I used the following:
    – iPhone 5 (all standard settings, no flash, AWB).
    -ISO 200
    -4.1 mm
    -Aperture: f/2.4
    -Shutter Speed: 1/20
    – 2448 x 3264 (jpeg) 2.5 MB
    -Taken: 18th November 2012 10:26 AM


    Georgina Luczi

    Title: Nourishing Strawberry & Chocolate cake

    This is one of my signature dishes. There is nothing better than starting the day with this mind blowing, silky smooth, super chocolaty, raw “cheesecake”.

    Camera: Olympus E-PL3
    Shutter speed: 1/60
    Aperture: F/5


    Lambert Fernandes

    Hot and Cold
    I was in bed when I read about the Gizmodo shooting challenge. Since I had just borrowed a Canon G10 from a friend to try it out, I decided to give it a go. I found some Chilli and cucumber mix in the fridge, put it in a ivory porcelain bowl and experimented with a few shots in macro. Here’s one I like. Back to bed for me now- my first attempt.


    Simon Dean

    I took this on a pretty relaxing afternoon on the back deck. I was taking some pictures of the dog in her kennel when the blueberries nearby got me thinking. I personally like the line of the decking, the symmetry really fits in with my O.C.D.
    I used my Canon 650d with a Sigma 17-50 2.8.



    Justine Wong

    Tried my hand at high speed photography, unfortunately I didn’t have a thin glass bowl or tank so the orange isn’t as sharp as I’d like. Used an off camera flash on 1/64 power to freeze the motion of the orange.
    Refreshing, no?


    Chris Ball

    could not help but try for this one, poor little guys, it was so hot in Perth on Saturday, you can see the result.
    # Shot E-M5
    # 1/60sec
    # F4.1
    # 16mm
    minor tweaks with contrast and brightness

    Andy Chan

    Milk… this is not your traditional glamour food. Nor is it something that will invigorate mine or your palate any time soon. However, in my 4 month old daughter’s eyes it is the single most delicious food that she will ever have. She will scream blue murder if she does not get some every couple of hours. What other food will have this kind of effect on someone?
    Canon 7D, 50mm f1.4
    ISO 500, f/2.5, 1/2500

    Joel Bramley

    Olympus e420 with 14-42 @42mm, ISO 100, 1/1000 sec, f/9, Tripod, Shutter Release Cable.
    A few months ago I watched a video that showed how to take photos of liquid. This challenge got me to trying this out, however I have no studio or flashes so I setup outside using ropes, fishing line and some white cardboard I had laying about, my light source was the sun. Manually focused on the apple set the camera on continuous shooting mode and proceeded to throw water at the apple. This is one of the shots I captured. Have increased exposure in Photoshop to make the white background more white.

    Michael Nguyen

    Canon 500D
    Canon EF 50mm F1.8 II
    ISO 400
    Shutter 1/200
    Lunch in the cafeteria. Simple meat pie that’s already bitten into with some crispy potato wedges.

    Marcel Hohmann

    I only found out about this competition Monday night and so decided to make a bit of a joke out of it. I present to you my work titled “please don’t sue” made using the only Apple I could find in the house and a bunch of white A4 paper for the backdrop and a stand lamp for lighting.
    Nikon D90
    Nikon 50mm f/1.8 AF D
    ISO 400 f/2.8 50mm 1/125th

    Sebastian Figg

    Camera Canon 60D
    Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro L
    Canon EX 580 Mk II
    Vase filled with mineral water
    One Kiwi
    1/250 sec
    ISO 100
    Taken using one flash back lighting the kiwi.

    Micaiah Koh

    This one was taken at a local corner store near campus. Definitely the least likely of places to grab a colourful shot such as this, which goes to show you need not doubt the places you go when doing street photography.

    Victor Osoianu

    I was having an early Xmas party today and decided to make some mojitos. While the glass was resting on the table, I thought the ice, mint and the water on the glass looked pretty cool and snapped the shot. Did a little enhancing and removed some spots to make the photo look nice and crisp.
    Camera: Canon EOS 600D
    Lens: 18-55mm Canon EF-S stock
    ISO 400

    Gary Fintelman

    This photo was taken on my IPhone 4 with a jam filter. By that I mean I opened a jar of jam and spread it onto my phone. I think it was strawberry.
    The photo was then taken by looking up into the canopy of a tree, so the jam didn’t slide down off the lens.
    I was trying to take normal photos of food in my house and then add some ‘cool’ filters to the photo but then I just decided it would much more interesting if the food was the filter and I used it to take a normal photo.
    I love how the light has danced in the top right corner, kind of like lighting but, well, different.

    Maeve Boyle

    Flash: Off
    Super Macro
    Exposure: -0.7
    The moment I heard about this competition, I got some lemons from the garden and started shooting some photos.


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