Secret Sleeping Desks Should Be Installed In Every Uni Library

Falling asleep while studying is a rite of passage for students of higher learning, so why shouldn't uni libraries install desks that made the occasional nap a bit more comfortable? Everyone from UNSW to ANU should be calling up Russian designer Yaroslav Misonzhnikov and asking to buy his wonderful work desk with a secret spot for snoozing.

Underneath a hinged panel on top is a stretchy panel of latex that might not be as comfortable as a pillow, but looks a hell of a lot more inviting than a text book. The desk incorporates other clever innovations as well, like an arched hook for hanging a shoulder bag, a somewhat out-of-place drawer for prophylactics and an easy to clean strip on the underside for sticking gum. But is it too much to ask for a built-in alarm clock? After all, you don't want to sleep through the exam you're cramming for the next morning.

[Yaroslav Misonzhnikov via designboom]

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