Scott Dadich Is Wired’s New Editor-In-Chief

Scott Dadich Is Wired’s New Editor-In-Chief

After Chris Anderson’s departure as Editor-In-Chief of Wired after a 10 year run, rumours were swirling about who might be next to take the helm. Now, it’s been announced that the next man for the job is former Wired creative director Scott Dadich.

In addtion to a stint as Wired’s creative director from 2006 to 2010, Dadich was also Vice President of editorial platforms and design. Now he’s coming back to step into the Editor-In-Chief shoes. In an official statement from Condé Nast, Dadich had this to say about the new position:

I’m excited to return to Wired, which has had such a tremendous impact on my life and my career. I’m honoured to have the chance to build on the legacy of innovation that Louis and Jane started some 20 years ago. And I am grateful to my friend and colleague Chris and the incredible Wired staff. I look forward to finding new opportunities to delight and surprise the Wired community, both with the stories we tell and in the ways in which we tell them.

Godspeed, Scott! Can’t wait to see where you take one of our favourite mags.

Image by @redgirlsays