Sayonara For iOS: Get Notified When Jerks Unfollow You On Twitter

Everyone loves to focus on the "social" part of Twitter. But what about the anti-social part? You know, the part where someone decides they're sick of your avatar or your mundane updates about hunger and weather, and they unfollow you as if you're worthless. You don't get a friendly email from Twitter that notifies you that your "friend" now thinks you're lame

What does it do?

Sayonara is pretty simple: Hook up your Twitter accounts and it will keep an eye on your follow count and let you know who unfollows you. Within the app, it'll give you a day-by-day breakdown of who unfollowed you.

Why do we like it?

Beyond allowing you to exact unfollow reciprocity, Sayonara actually gives you a crucial piece of feedback about your Twitter habits. When you get all drunk on election night and tweet ridiculous things, do people think you're funny or annoying? Regular Twitter notifications only inform you about what you're doing right — what about when you're doing it wrong? Sayonara tells you when you're doing it wrong.


Download this app for: iOS ($1.99) The best part: crucial social info The worst part: too darn pricey

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