Sarah Silverman's iPhone Camera Trick Is Hilariously Explicit (NSFW)

Funny person Sarah Silverman has an idea for all you 12-year-old boys with iPhones out there. Make a person tilt their head sideways and then take a picture of a person slightly sticking out his tongue and then... yeah, just watch the video. It's foul, dirty and hilarious.

Also: I love how she's just cruising through her phone on a national talk show. Phones, they're so damn distracting! [TeamCoco]


    Go stupid American censorship.

      what you didn't get to see it with your own eyes, or you don't have the imagination to put it together in your own head? You do realise that we wouldn't have shown that here too, right?

        there would be no issue with that whatsoever in australia.

        lol, we so would have shown that in Australia, how often do you see something blurred on Australian tv that isn't someones face?

        Yeah, if you're going to rely on imagination, then you don't really need video in the first place.

      What are you talking about? we are more censored than the US.

        What the hell are you talking about? Have you seen American television? They can't swear practically at all. You're talking about a country that can say Pussyriot as a proper noun, yet can't say pussy as a noun.

          Yes, but at least they don't ban movies and games over there, even if it is RC they can still release it. And on cable they can show actual porn, we can't even show softcore on non-premium channels anymore. Porn is actually illegally sold in most states, it is just the cops dont care.

        You crazy? Alexanderm is spot on. You've obviously never been to the US. They can't even say shit or "bitch" or even "asshole" on national TV, unless its cable. Let alone show something that even remotely resembles lady bits, or men bits. In fact anything sexual at all is taboo unless its innuendo or censored like above. Of course being the US they have no problem showing people being shot in the head during prime time. Such awesome priorities.

        Australian television is incredibly laid back by comparison. After 9:00 pretty much anything goes with the right warnings beforehand and we don't freak out at "cursing" on TV.

        We have nowhere near the level of censorship here as the US. Especially on pay tv. Even ads on pay tv can swear and show pretty much whatever they like.

        It astounds me how much has to be censored on some American shows. Sometimes you just think "why even bother making this show?"

          +1 Especially when they show a shot where they've zoomed in on something, but had to later blur the thing out (brand names, legal reasons I suppose). I mean FFS it's a full screen blur...

          I agree but have you seen the ridiculous censoring we did of Adventure Time?

            I haven't seen it but I've heard about it. It's pretty ridiculous. I guess it's mostly to do with being on a kids channel but even still, it's not much of an excuse. There's plenty of other kids shows that get away with just as much.

            The GO! channel doesn't censor their broadcast of Adventure Time like Cartoon Network does. But yes they have managed to butcher it up pretty good, same for Regular Show, which is also about as edgy as early Simpsons and early ATHF.

            STRAYA. Show nudity and violence on TV, censor a kids show.

        not really, america doesnt even use swearing on tv, or nuditiy

        I think you're the one who's confused, chestbrah. Free-to-air television in the US is much more tightly censored than Australian FTA. A great deal of content that can only be shown on 'cable' in the US makes it almost completely intact onto our FTA screens.

      Conan. Coming to you live from the "home of the free".
      Where right wing whackos have the constitutional RIGHT to say what they like under free speech but you can't show a mans mouth, even on late late night television.

    Apparently the video isn't available in my country.

      Clip is working fine for me, and I'm in Melbourne!

      I have however updated the source link at the end of the article, which was pointing to the blocked YouTube video.

    If anyone could have thought of that, would be Sarah Silverman. What a legend.

    I always found it interesting how insecure we are about our "private parts". She does have a point, instead of demonizing what we're born with we should instead understand it's purpose similarly how we understand our spinal cord serves a profound purpose.

      I understand the purpose of my genitals. Much like I understand the purpose of my spine.

      I done go out of my way to remove covers and show either however.

    Gotta love YouTube mobile ads. Can see it just fine. Fails to load the actual vid though. =/

    Just seems to sit there. Forever loading.

      Worked for me.

        My iPhone4 dislikes YouTube.

        There's also either an auto play enabled. Or it's bonked. 'Cause that ad displays every time I load the page via refresh or going to the index and coming back.

        I hate ads. =(

    ummmmmmm iPhone 5 with mail that wasn't full screen????? Pre iOS 6???

      I'd say it was a screenshot from before she had an iPhone 5.

    I hate Conan, I watch Craig Ferguson.

    Conan singing vagina is now going to become my mate's ringtone hahaha

    Which is why women have been painting their mouths red for centuries.

      That is a theory and I don't think it stands up. The explanation is probably a lot simpler: red lips equal health.
      Especially since the genitals on an adult human woman in their natural state are not bright red or easily visible. If the lipstick theory were true women would have beards.

        Sorry, but you make an error in logic here. Healthy lips are red, but the genitals on an adult human woman in their natural state are not bright red. (Because if they were, women would have beards.)
        Universal affirmatives can only be partially converted. But then.....
        Sex is more fun than logic. One cannot prove this, but it "is" in the same sense that Mount Everest "is", or that Alma Cogan "isn't".

          What colour are they in their aroused state... Being on this site you can assume i have seen no such thing....

        Or at least a goatee... or in today's age the beard would not be in it's natural state it would be waxed... Maybe that's why Brazilians are popular as we are reminded of a clean mouth....

    why dont you just, you know, tilt the camera sideways when taking the photo. it seems quite a lot simpler than getting someone to tilt their head

      You and I are on the exact same logic path. Everyone is going on about pixelising and censorship but you and I just scratch our heads and wonder why Sarah didn't just turn her phone 90 degrees to take the photo. I guess we're just too logical for this place.

        but then the relaxation of the lips isn't in a vertical downward motion, it is in a horizontal downward motion, thus not emulating the Vaaaaaaaggiiiiiinaaaaaa

        The iPhone will rotate the photo 90 degrees if she takes it on an angle.

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