Running OS X On An Old Macintosh Portable Is Pointless But Awesome

This video shows an old Macintosh Portable seemingly running OS X. But how did it happen, and was it worth the effort?

It's worth pointing out, first off, that this is real. But while it might look like a Macintosh Portable, in fact it borrows heavily from an old Toshiba NB100 laptop Patrick Blampied had lying around at home. Combining the two is not for the faint-hearted — but that didn't phase Blampied.

Instead, he set to remapping and rewiring the keyboard, swapping in optical mouse components, replacing the screen, installing a new cordless drill battery to power the whole thing... and plenty more besides. Entirely unnecessary, but that doesn't stop it being awesome. [Ultimate Hipster Tech via Ubergizmo]

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