Rumourmodo: Harvey Norman Forced To Push Back Lumia 920 Sales To December

There's no question that the Nokia Lumia 920 is one of the most anticipated hardware releases this year. Telstra, the exclusive retailer of the new Lumia, has this afternoon suspended pre-orders due to stock exhaustion. Harvey Norman was meant to start shipping the Lumia 920 as of tomorrow, but that's now changed. Sources are this afternoon telling me that Harvey Norman was pushed to do so by Telstra.

Telstra is the exclusive retailer of the Lumia 920 on phone plans, but nothing has been stopping Harvey Norman from advertising the outright price of the handset — $829 — and offering up pre-orders of the device for shipment on 15 November.

Here's a screenshot of Harvey Norman's Lumia 920 page last week:

The retailer promises to ship the 920 on 15 November. Flash forward to today, however, and the 920 now has no ship date:

Why the change?

Customers are reportedly being told that due to "stock exhaustion", their pre-ordered Lumias won't be shipping tomorrow. Instead, we're being told that the stores will only be receiving the black Lumia 920, rather than the yellow, blue and white models, and they'll ship from 23 November.

Some customers are reportedly being told that the other colours are coming, they just won't be available until 17 December.

We've got word in with Harvey Norman about this to figure out what the official story is, but in the meantime, it might be time to check your preorder. Telstra has just suspended Lumia 920 preorders due to stock exhaustion and Brightstar, the distributor, is out of stock for the whole country, so you might just be out of luck for a 920 at launch.

Thanks to our tipsters for getting in touch.

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