Romney Party Publishes Sad Victory Website By Mistake

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama was re-elected, which means, of course, that Mitt Romney lost. But if Romney had won, the president-elect would have needed a website. It makes sense that his staffers would have prepared one. But if the fool who accidentally published it wasn't already out of a job, well, he should be fired.

According to Political Wire, the Romeny transition site was briefly live on Tuesday evening. Look at Romney's optimistic gaze into the "smaller simpler, smarter" future of America. Put a few hundred thousand votes in Romney's column and that's the website we'd all be looking at today. Beyond the inspirational quotes from "President-Elect Romney", Political Wire also snagged a screenshot of the transition's "Join the Administration" page.

Man, it's odd to stare an alternate reality in the face. Obviously, the site was quickly taken down, and it's hard to believe something so dumb could happen. Head over to Political Wire for larger images. [Political Wire via Mashable]


    The URL was, suggesting that it's the web design company that done screwed up.

    Day gots dere net tubes all miss-connekted. Connected da crapper to da shower...

    A great metaphor for the way these extreme right wingers would attempt to remodel their government. The world dodged a bullet.

    I am enjoying the Republican recriminations.

    Tea Party: ''Romney was way too moderate.''
    Republican Moderates: ''Romney was way too hardline.''

    Minorities and Women: ''Na na na na na!''

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    This coincides nicely with Romney's pre-election speech where he was prematurely claiming to already be the next president. Cocky tall poppy got cut down.

      Yeah but they all do that.

      The American psyche is such that people tend to be attracted to winners rather than underdogs. So the advisors and supporters all refer to candidates as ''the next President of the USA''.

      To the rest of us it seems egotistical, I know.

        Good point. And I do find American elections to be dramatically overstaged soapbox parades, but Romney's ego really took the cake. I do wonder if it was indicative that the people chose the slightly less showey candidate that the "winner over underdog" perspective might not be effective.

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