Path For iPad: Your Small Social Network Gets A Bigger Look

If you’re not so inclined to share every detail of your life with each person you once sat next to in a sociology lecture, you’re probably using Path. As of today, you can enjoy your intimate social network from your iPad.

What does it do?

It’s a new version of Path — a social network that limits your friend count to 150 — created especially for the iPad.

Why do we like it?

In concept alone, Path is a more intimate social network where you can share things with the people you actually care to talk to in real life. The new version got a bump in size, but it also has a couple of special iPad features. Landscape view shows you all the news from just today in a beautiful, picture heavy, tile-like design. And, of course, you can still post things like what you’re eating, who you’re with, and where you are, but your audience is limited to your actual friends as opposed to everyone you’ve ever met.

Path for iPad

Download it for: iOS (free) The best part: bigger photos The worst part: are your friends on Path?

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