Optus Reveals Prices For Prepaid 4G Mobile Broadband Hotspot And Dongle

Optus launched prepaid options for 4G mobile phones earlier this week, and has now revealed pricing for its prepaid 4G mobile broadband options. The basic dongle costs $169 and includes 6GB of data, while the hotspot costs $199 and includes 10GB of data.

That initial data lasts for 60 days from activation; subsequent recharges vary depending on what you pay. If you recharge online, you get an additional 15 per cent added to your allowance, which we've noted in the table below:

Costs Data (store) Data (online) Expiry
$10 300MB 354MB 30 days
$30 1GB 1.15GB 30 days
$40 3GB 3.45GB 30 days
$50 4GB 4.6GB 60 days
$80 8GB 9.2GB 90 days
$130 15GB 17.25GB 365 days

The hardware is identical to that sold for Optus' contract 4G. Rival Telstra's prepaid rates are higher; its 4G coverage is broader.


Originally published on Lifehacker Australia

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