Now Kim Dotcom's New Site Has Been Hacked Too

Not only did Kim Dotcom's Megaupload reboot get its domain name seized by officials in Gabon, it seems ‘real pirates' have taken offence to Dotcom and hacked his domain to redirect to a group calling themselves ‘Omega‘.

What's more, they want to sell it to Dotcom's adversaries. Looks like ol' Kimmy's got a war on his hands. In comments released to TorrentFreak, Omega called out Dotcom as not being "better nor worse than Universal. He himself is an industry, only here to pollute."

"Of course we will entertain offers from @KimDotcom's enemies in the millions of dollars (or bitcoins) for the domain. Shall @UMG buy the domain name we will donate not 1 per cent but 10 per cent of the proceeds to FOJEGA the Forum des Jeunes du Gabon."

Ouch. Dotcom has said that the Gabon domain name seizure won't actually stop Mega launching, as he's got a collection of backup domain names ready to go, but I'll bet he didn't bank on resistance from pirates. Governments, anti-piracy associations, and big media, yes, but pirates? Aren't they all on the same side? [TorrentFreak]

Our newest offspring Gizmodo UK is gobbling up the news in a different timezone, so check them out if you need another Giz fix.



    "Hacked"? How do you get hacked after your domain is seized? Sounds like omega bought it to me.

    It hasent been hacked at all, Its just be suspended, If you do a NS lookup on the domain, It just shows as "server can't find" . If the actually hacked the domain, I would assume that they would have it pointing at a server to show it.

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