Tablet Drop Test Showdown: Nexus 7 Vs iPad Mini Vs iPad 3

It's perverse, but I love seeing gadgets smash. I'm so conditioned to love and protect my gadgets whenever I get them, so to see someone buy three hot new tablets just to see how they break is pretty extraordinary to me. In the interest of science, then, which is tougher: the Nexus 7, the iPad mini or the iPad 3?

The tests involved dropping the three gadgets as the same time under exactly the same conditions on exactly the same spot so as to keep the test fair. The gadgets were dropped from a great height onto their corners and their fronts. I don't want to spoil it because some get out better than others, but there are serious casualties in this.

There's also a very interesting yet spectacularly unscientific water test that yields some fascinating results.

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