Nexus 4 Is Back In Stock At MobiCity...With $100 Mark-Up

The Nexus 4 sold out in 22-minutes when it went live on the Google Play store, and ever since then, you have been asking me where and when it will come back. The good news is that the 8GB version of the Nexus 4 is now available from MobiCity. Oh yeah, it's on sale with a $100 mark-up.

The 8GB version is in stock and can be delivered to you in 3 days provided I'm reading the shipping page correctly, which I like to think I am.

The only catch here is that you'll be paying a premium by getting it through MobiCity. It's $449 from MobiCity, as opposed to the $349 you'll pay on the Google Play store.

That's certainly not going to make MobiCity popular but if you have something the people want, the people will usually shell out the coin to get their hands on it. It's not illegal to turn a profit these days.

The 16GB version is still listed as "pre-order only" on the site. [MobiCity]



    Hmm, do you think mobicity bought them all of google play and are now reselling them at a premium? It is roughly the delivery window after all!

      That's what I'm thinking too, bit scummy if they are considering the $100 mark up and they are still charging postage on top of that. Kind of like scalping concert tickets if you ask me, dog act mobi city, dog act!

      Mobicity the scalper of mobile phones.

        I just check the 16Gig model. It is priced at 569.00AUD. I don't think today's customers are that stupid to shell out that amount for something unlocked and available from Google direct. Time to show support to a manufacturer like GOOGLE that has the balls to price their product appropriately and hope for outlets like MobiCity to grind to a halt.

    Why should one waste $100 , actually more because it is only $299 in USA

      The reason nexus 4 did so well was simply because of the price now the most attractive thing about the nexus 4 is stripped at mobicity. It is just another mobile phone now.

        i know right? lmao the nexus 4 is basically scalper proof because a mark up erodes any benefits of buying the phone otherwise lol

    This behaviour is not going to win Mobicity any friends!

      I agree; if anything they are on a high road to receivership at this type of stupidity and I would break open a cold one or several at that news.

    The price is ridiculous, the whole point of the nexus 4 being popular was the price and hardware. Might as well get a samsung s3 for that price.

      Id still rather a nexus 4 over a galaxy 3

        same here Paul, stock android all the way.

          Ive got a SGS3 and I am running stock android as well... best of both worlds. The nexus 4 does have some killer specs though, very tempted.

            I know you can use some custom roms, but I would prefer to get updates as soon as they come out and not have to go the custom route.

    For $349 you get the 16GB version. That's $150 more for the 8GB.
    Don't fall for this, wait a bit longer.

      It is still cheaper than 569.00AUD from MobiCity!! Samsung Galaxy S3 can be priced a bit better especially when you consider how foolishly KIES operates during updates, and the manner in which it incrementally downloads onto PCs to roll out updates.

    This is why none of us could get one at launch! I wish Google had limited the number people could buy. And the price increase as well.

    Their explanation is here:

    The pricing for the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 10 is based on what we are currently paying our supplier for stock.

    Makes a bit of sense (if true), but like mentioned above, the major selling point of this phone is the low price, and I'd rather wait and save $100.

      Yeah, the question should be, is your supplier Google and obtained through retail channel.

        It would have to be if they're marking it up that much. It's a joke.

    Or you could just wait. Unless you physically need this phone right now to survive.

      Yeah, I have a guy with a gun to my head telling me if I don't buy from mobicity I will be killed.

      Its weird, this usually doesn't happen to me, but today its happened.

    Maybe Gizmodo should have bought a shipload and started selling them for phat profits, then they might be able to afford to have a technology site that had more than 1/2 a dozen new stories by lunchtime.

    Guys it's a pre-order so technically not back in stock.

      Did you read the article properly, or check the website? As it mentions, the 16GB model is a pre-order yeah, but the 8GB model is in stock.

      EDIT: Whoops, I guess you didn't see until just recently, the 8GB model was available to purchase earlier today from the site, but now also shows as "pre-order" status. Guess they sold out already.

      Last edited 26/11/12 2:00 pm


      Here here! If they really want people to believe that there is a mark up due to their supplier, then perhaps it's better off not stocking them in the first place.
      I am pretty sure the ACCC or Consumer Affairs should look into this as I am sure this is not the first time MobiCity has over priced their products (whether they do or not though, well that's another story).

      ??? Why does the ACCC need to be involved? It's capitalism, deal with it. Economics 101, low supply & high demand = elasticity < 1 + high prices. Nothing wrong with scalping, you are paying a premium for getting it earlier. There's no price collusion here.

        There is an issue however if they are buying up big on a limited stock item in order to sell it at a premium. i.e. scalping. Same as concert tickets, I think its disgusting that die hard fans miss out because some douchebag wants to buy all the tickets and make a profit. Maybe it's not illegal but its antisocial and a dog act and you're "barking" up the wrong tree if you want people here to agree with that practice.

        Last edited 26/11/12 5:13 pm

    Guys... it lasted 4 hours.. its gone now.. they didn't have a lot of stock

    I got my order in and google told me I had to wait 3 weeks.
    I'm still waiting and i'll be a little pissed at google for sending off a large retail order like mobicity before they sent a single purchase customer order.

    My thoughts are that i'll be surprised if Mobicity doesn't just take your money and put all orders on backorder for a few weeks.

      WADR I don't blame Google one bit. If Mobicity ordered a large shipment of items then I'd expect their order to be delivered before a customer who ordered only one item (even if that customer was me).

      I'm cynical enough to totally agree with you on Mobicity though.

    I don't understand...on the phone for an 8g is $299 and the phone on mobicity is $449, a $150 difference not $100. Is the math wrong on this article or am I missing something?

      screen shot? the Play webstore is telling me $349

    I just did a quick chat with the MobiCity sales/support team:

    [Paul] LG Nexus 4 16gb: Consideringyou are only offering a pre-order, and units will only be made available at the same time that they are available on the Google Play website (being sold for $399), please justify the $100 mark-up.
    [Kimberly] Hello, and welcome to MobiCity. How may I assist you today?
    [Paul] Please justify the $100 mark up on the LG Nexus 4 16gb.
    [Kimberly] Sorry, but we sourced our stocks overseas, prices will vary from them.
    [Paul] What do you think will draw people to buying one of these from MobiCity for $499, when they will be available for $399 from the Google Play store?
    [Kimberly] Im sorry, but that couldn't change the price
    [Paul] Will you lower your price once they are available on the Google Play store? If so, to what price?
    [Kimberly] We really don't know yet, no advise from the management, you may check with us often for update.
    [Paul] When will your stock be arriving?
    [Kimberly] Hopefully, 3rd week next month
    [Paul] 17th december?
    [Kimberly] Hopefully, but no definite eta yet
    [Paul] So you're selling them for $499, and won't be available until 17th december, while the Google Play website is expecting stock to be available next week and are charging $399.
    is this correct?
    [Kimberly] Yes

      Good old MobiCity

      Ah Kimberly. Had a great chat with here myself yesterday. Apparently the battery I ordered for my S2 last week and was verified as being packed at the warehouse on Friday, has conveniently been discontinued by Samsung the very morning I question why it hasn't been sent.

    Pretty sure LG said Google is meant to be the only official seller of the phones online (search it on giz or something) but didn't rule out retail sales. From that, one can only assume Mobi's stock were from Google Play just like everyone else, and there is no "supplier". Meh, simply Google not putting a limit on orders.

      there is no "supplier"
      mobi city either sources it from hk or directly from suppliers and we know lg/google arent providing retail supplies yet (and definitely wont be charging resellers a price that would jack up the price to above rrp)

      boycott mobi city easy

    Has anybody heard when they will be restocking the Australian Google play store. My Atrix is near death and driving me nuts.. wondering if its not worth just getting an S3 or something similar.

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