Nexus 4 Is Back In Stock At MobiCity…With $100 Mark-Up

Nexus 4 Is Back In Stock At MobiCity…With $100 Mark-Up

The Nexus 4 sold out in 22-minutes when it went live on the Google Play store, and ever since then, you have been asking me where and when it will come back. The good news is that the 8GB version of the Nexus 4 is now available from MobiCity. Oh yeah, it’s on sale with a $100 mark-up.

The 8GB version is in stock and can be delivered to you in 3 days provided I’m reading the shipping page correctly, which I like to think I am.

The only catch here is that you’ll be paying a premium by getting it through MobiCity. It’s $449 from MobiCity, as opposed to the $349 you’ll pay on the Google Play store.

That’s certainly not going to make MobiCity popular but if you have something the people want, the people will usually shell out the coin to get their hands on it. It’s not illegal to turn a profit these days.

The 16GB version is still listed as “pre-order only” on the site. [MobiCity]