New Facebook For iOS Adds New Chat Features, Multiple Photo Uploads

A new update to the iOS Facebook app rolls out today, and it's bringing some handy new features with it. Now, you'll finally be able to add friends to favourites, upload multiple pictures at a time, and as a bonus, you can swipe left anywhere to open up chat.

The updates to the chat and photo-sharing are ripped straight from the independent Facebook Messenger and Facebook Camera apps, so it should serve to consolidate (or at least start consolidating) that trio of apps into one convenient package. And, if you're in the U.S., there's one more feature packed in, gifts. You can now gift your friends (or enemies) real-life, physical gifts from the comfort of your own iOS device if that's what your into. Even if it's not, there's plenty here for you to appreciate, so go and pick it up.

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