Navigate Floods In A Beautiful Handmade Kayak

Look, the flooding from Sandy is tragic. It ruined people’s homes and claimed lives. But it did teach us that some houses, in the blink of an eye, can become waterfront property.

What better way to be ready for disaster than with this gorgeous 6m cedar kayak? It’s certainly safer (and more stylish) than wading waist-deep through the murky waterways of the East Village. Plus, it’s built for two. You could tour your sweetheart through the Atlantic City boardwalk, or leave the second seat open for a casual Wednesday afternoon search-and-rescue.

The Grande Canoes vessel, available for $US3087, is surprisingly light, at 30kg -— perfect for a portage between the banks of the East River (i.e. 2nd Avenue) and the edge of the Hudson (i.e. Garden Street in Hoboken). But no matter where you paddle, make sure you disinfect it when the waters recede. It’d be a shame to get contaminated by something so exquisite.

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