Monday Night Web Movie: Watch Australian Submariners Outwit The US Navy

You've heard the headlines about our sub-par (sorry) submarine program, right? How we're overspending on a fleet that is entirely understaffed and underresourced? Those headlines don't hold a candle to the reality. Welcome to Monday Night Web Movie...I'm on a sub!

The Collins class submarine is massive, yet this incredible crew is able to sneak around a massive fleet of US Navy destroyers who were actively looking for the monster machine within a pre-set target area.

I love wargames, and this is so much fun to watch. [So-Called TechRepublic Blogue]


    "... a MASSIVE fleet of US Navy destroyers..." you talk is actually only a couple of destroyers.

      you talk about

        A couple of destroyers, a submarine and a helicopter is still a formidable force.

    Did we win????

      Yes we did they recorded a torpedo range photograph without being called as a target by the us ships or sub.......Go Aussie sailors GO

    Good watch and good to see them using some tactics and the underwater terrain to their advantage to beat the advanced tech we were up against. And of course typical Aussie sneaky thrown in for good measure ;)

      And they celebrate with strange initiation ceremonies too! Lots of engine oil and feathers and things.

    Just goes to show, the size of your fleet doesn't matter, its how you use it!

      DAMN right, is that a torpedo in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?

        What's long hard and full of seamen?

    Would've been great to hear the Americans' response to the victory 'announcement'.

    Last edited 26/11/12 10:53 pm

      Its like kids soccer, everyone wins.

    Let's home those Nth Korean submariners aren't anywhere near as good against the US as we are.

    Not a new video, I first saw this on the RAN website some months ago. Not the first time the RAN has bamboozled the USN either...

    Its worth pointing out that in exercises against allies, US forces tune down their sensors. Firstly to sharpen their skills and secondly so that no one really ever finds out their true abilities.

    If Afghan farmers using bolt action rifles can hold the U.S. Military at bay for over 10 years, how hard could this be ?

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