Monday Night Web Movie: True Skin

If filmmakers are anything to go by, the future is going to be a terrifying place. This week's Monday Night Web Movie is set in the far-flung future where everyone is packing neon-coloured, Google Glass-like physical augmentations. Your mind is backed up to the cloud, your body is full of synthetic parts and the divide between the organic humans and the augmented is like the gap between rich and poor.

This short film has been made by elusive filmmaker H1 Chung -- a director who has already reportedly made content for the likes of Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Willow Smith and Coldplay. True Skin is reportedly going to be made into a feature-length film shortly, but for now, here's a quick taste.

Here's hoping it does get made feature-length. It's like Deus Ex Human Revolution: The Movie. [First Showing]


    That future has retarded technology when it comes to replacing human parts.

    We already have the ability to grow organs in labs, and someday it'll extend to limbs. The idea that we'll need robotic parts seems so primitive in my eyes.

      I'll fight your organic limbs with my robotic limbs and we'll see who's so primitive :P

      yes exactly. i was thinking that the whole time. all those flashing lights would be so stupid.. unless you're the kind of person that gets an LED lighting kit for your computer case

      The idea that people in third world countries still die today due to diseases that we have vaccinations for is just as primitive. I personally wouldn't underestimate our human capacity to be dicks, or for technology to get worse (and more antiquated) as it filters down to the street. Either way, love me some sci-fi and fun FX eye candy.

      I personally wouldn't mind mechanical arms legs etc if they were better than the original. I can see people getting it done on purpose in order to be better suited to a given job.

      Organs you say. Well only skin and simple things like an oesophagus, ear etc. No complex organ such as even the kidney has been grown in a lab yet.

      Eventually humans are going to become tired of these weak bodies we have which can be so easily killed by pretty much anything. When we have the means to make them much stronger and more resilient through robotic parts, people are going to jump at the chance. Purely biological beings are going to be primitive.

    human body do not take mechanical parts easily. if you do take it there is a great risk and also the endless medications to supress rejection of machines from your body. this movie or even deus ex kinda world looks cool, in reality, its not a simple decision to make.

      Pretty sure they will overcome that problem. Afterall people are already running around with bio-organic parts, without rejection issues or rejection suppressants.

    If you like this stuff Read Peter F. Hamilton

      Done and dusted... Love his epic style :)

    It's inevitable we progress to human 2.0. Full bio-mech and eventually we will become full mech and silcon life forms. This is evolution not limited to organic only.

    The main problem with all these futurist films is they assume we lose our humanity. These depictions are largely void of emotion. There is also a distinct lack of vegetation. I think our cities will have more tree lined avenues in the future than they do now. I'd like to see a futurist film with these 2 elements in it.

    I clicked this because I thought he was Sub Zero!

    This was just screened in Melbourne at Pause Fest 2012 on Thursday along with some other top notch short films and digital content. --->

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