Monday Night Web Movie: True Skin

If filmmakers are anything to go by, the future is going to be a terrifying place. This week's Monday Night Web Movie is set in the far-flung future where everyone is packing neon-coloured, Google Glass-like physical augmentations. Your mind is backed up to the cloud, your body is full of synthetic parts and the divide between the organic humans and the augmented is like the gap between rich and poor.

This short film has been made by elusive filmmaker H1 Chung — a director who has already reportedly made content for the likes of Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Willow Smith and Coldplay. True Skin is reportedly going to be made into a feature-length film shortly, but for now, here's a quick taste.

Here's hoping it does get made feature-length. It's like Deus Ex Human Revolution: The Movie. [First Showing]

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