Memopads And Desk Organisers Were Meant To Be Together

Before you get too excited about this brilliant desk accessory that provides a place to jot notes while organising your various writing implements, you need to know it has a very dark secret: it's expensive. Like unjustifiably crazy expensive for what is essentially a stack of paper.

After seeing it you have to wonder why every thick notepad doesn't have a spot to store other office accessories. But apparently the act of drilling holes into 380 sheets of recycled paper requires tools on the bleeding edge of technology. Why else would these range in price from $US63 up to $US75? Clearly, no average citizen could put a stack of paper in a drill press and simply make their own.

[Animi Causa]


    I would assume to drill through paper with that accuracy, you would need quite a high confining pressure (or just sacrifice the top/bottom couple of hundred pages. Cool idea, shit price.

    They use punches for a reason...... Noone would try drilling a block of paper....

    Its just a novelty.... needs to be perforated, or you hane to take out allthe pencils every time a sheet is removed..... result 30% wastage....

    Wait so everytime you turn the page, you'd have to take everything out and put it back in again?

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