Megaupload's New Website Has Already Been Shut Down

Kim Dotcom has been hyping up Megaupload's new website Mega for so long that it seemed like a given that the file sharing site would come back bigger and badder. But it doesn't look likely because has already been shut down by Gabon, a small country in Africa that controls the .ga domain.

According to, Blaise Louembe, communications minister for Gabon, says:

Communications Minister Blaise Louembe has reportedly said he had given an instruction for to be "suspended" and that Gabon "cannot serve as a platform or screen for committing acts aimed at violating copyrights, nor be used by unscrupulous people".

Kim Dotcom, ever the obstacle crusher, says they have backup domains to use so it's not a cause for concern. Guess it can't be cleverly named anymore though! [ via CNET]



    My heart skipped a beat when I first read the article title.

    Such a relief knowing the site will just change the domain name, at first I thought the site was shut down again by government agencies.

      Same here, am looking forward to seeing Me.?? when it finally finds a domain.

      It was shut down by government agencies, namely the communications minister of the Gabon government.

    If only he could have bought a top level domain. It's ridiculous considering he hasn't been found guilty yet, and that megaupload did in fact take down illigitimate content when reported. Baby out with the bathwater or what?

    "After finishing his speech, the african Minister then pronounced that he had 500k to deposit in a bank account and really really really needed kimdotcoms help as he was the last living relative..."

    I cant see many people seeing any Mega Upload affiliated site as a good choice for hosting files... Unless the prices are utterly amazing/free... Even then, anyone with something slightly sensitive/illegal to host would be worried it could end up in the wrong hands!

      That's what encryption's for. Not just https but individual file encryption.

        You just never know tho with encryption. Some organisation ceases your servers, someone will break thru the encryption....

    I sense the sticky fingers of FBI / MPAA putting pressure, or 'reminding' the Gabon government about copyright laws.

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