Megaupload’s New Website Is

Kim Dotcom just announced where Megaupload will be reborn: As in, that’s the new file sharing website that will officially launch on January 20th next year. Go check it out.

Right now, it’s only a splash page that’s up at but it describes how Mega will work, details how to become a hosting partner and how to become a Mega API partner and asks for investors as well.

So how is the new different from the old and fed-killed Megaupload? All the data is encrypted by Mega so that “you hold the keys to what you store in the cloud, not us.” Basically, it’s going to be different because Mega literally won’t know what you upload. Can’t wait to see it in action when it launches on January 20th. []


    Well played I mean dotcom.

      That made me chuckle!

    Very interested in this, gonna have to check it out when it goes live.

    Any ideas on how Mega will be different to other encrypted cloud solutions, eg. Spideroak?

    Sticking it to the man.

    Damn ... this service is actually legitimately useful. Secure cloud services are desperately needed.

    What Kim is doing will reshape the industry, the reason why pirating has become such an inflated issue is because the people at these corporations are scared that they'll lose their jobs. This offenses push they've been doing (SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, etc) is an act out of fear. But they do not need to fear anymore, they need to adapt and realize the future will be one of great abundance for all humans.

    The times are changing very rapidly, and it will continue to do so over the coming century and beyond. If we hang on to our old ways of managing the world then nothing will get accomplished, we must push forward to a new age of infinite abundance to all.

    An upload service where the site hosting has no way of knowing what is hosted and can then turn a blind eye to any illegal activity sounds like something every law enforcement agency on the planet will want to take pot shots at.

    It doesn't take much imagination to figure out what sort of people are going to flock to a site like this, and I'm talking about far more unsavoury things than pirated music.

      The collected speeches of Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott?

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