Is Dead, Long Live

Kim Dotcom's dream of hosting the follow-up to Megaupload at fell through last week when Gabon's government objected. No worries: it will now appear at the rather less snappy

While it might not sound quite as good, chances are the new domain will be rather more secure with its New Zealand backing compared to if it were run through Gabon. Mega is set to open for business on January 20, 2013. [The Next Web]


    Oh good one kiwi-bros.
    sheesh. :}

      Ha ha, I thought the same.

        These ain't you're ordinary conz.


          So MEGA they need a Z at the end to show their meganess.

    ..."legality and protected by the law"

    Can anyone see the irony in both of these? ;-)

      yeh considering latest developments its very funny

    It's funny how these businesses keep trying to take Kim down, yet they keep failing.

    The man in unstoppable, he's a tank backed by millions who are there at his side.

    Is he going to change his name to Kim Dotcodotenzed?

    What I don't understand is if the government of Gabon shut him down, what the hell makes him think the NZ gov't won't do the same? Espeically when they let the US feds in to raid his mansion there. Am I missing something here?

    Yea.. And it's not like he can complain 'due process' or some such because its a western democratic nation/where he lives... The ToS of national commercial TLD's (in this case generally have clauses reserving the right to remove DNS records for certain reasons.

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