Mammoth Outdoor Artwork Brings 100,000 CDs Back To Life

If CDs aren't dead already, they're dying. After all, plenty of devices being made don't even have optical drives any more. So what do we do with all those old discs we've just got lying around? Artist Bruce Munro has been using them to create mammoth, outdated-media art installations.

At Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire, England, Munro has found a use for 100,000 old CDs as part of two separate pieces. The first, Angel of Light, is basically just a giant circle of CDs with several paths running through it and surrounded by LED lanterns. The other, Blue Moon on a Platter, is literally a disc made of tens of thousands of discs, with a glowing blue ball placed at its centre.

The scale of these works is pretty huge, ridiculously huge, so it's not like you could do the same thing to breathe new life into that collection of old CDs you already ripped that have been sitting in a shoebox in the bottom of a drawer for years now. But it's neat to know someone is out there doing something cool with others like them. Can someone point me to the 3.5 floppy installation?

[Waddeson Manor via My Modern Metropolis]

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