Make Your Mac Keyboard Better With Wood

Whether you're sick of looking at the same silver letters on your keyboard every day, or you're just a fan of an all-natural look, Lazerwood's keys for your Mac are pretty awesome.

They're a typing makeover for the Mac keyboard in walnut or cherry for $US40-$US45, and they're going to make your keys slightly taller. But like any good makeover, the Lazerwood keys take time and patience -- you have to apply them to each letter one by one. However, if you're a slob and you like to eat near your computer, it's like instant clean up for you grubby old caps. [Lazerwood via Uncrate via CultofMac]


    ... it's just a thin veneer. :(
    I thought it'd be a whole button replacement. I have a lotta nice thin metal Mac keyboards and would like nothing better to replace the keys with wooden ones or metal... Metal would be better.
    If a thin veneer is the only way maybe I'll have someone cut me out some stainless steel ones and just stick them on top.

    Did Forstall design this too?

      Hahaha awesome call!

    Now replace the aluminium body with wood!

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