Lunchtime Deal: Sony Xperia S For $298

As a new season of Android smartphones launch to much fanfare, it's worth remembering you can still get quite a modern smartphone for a great price. Try the Sony Xperia S for example, which today (with a coupon code) will set you back $298 (plus $15 shipping) from Mobileciti.

If you punch in the coupon code "SELT26I" as you checkout the item, you should get $50 off the handset price, making it $298. That's down from the original price of $579. [Mobileciti via OzBargain]


    For an extra $50 or so, why wouldn't you just get a Nexus 4? The only reasons I could see in getting this is because it is much more aesthetically pleasing and it is part of AOSP anyway...

      Some people don't need the latest, greatest and biggest.

    ANT+ on Sony

    The xperia s is the worse looking phone ever with a flimsy back cover the white colour is even worse with gaps showing at the back as the cover does not fully covers the unit. ICS only.
    It's also been out nearly 2 years now. The nexus 4 is cheaper and better technology. Sony has lost the plot no longer making relevant products.

      The Xperia S in an amazing phone! I have had one for over half a year and it is just astounding. The back cover doesn't creak, and if you used a case then it wouldn't matter. It is upgradable to Jelly Bean through custom ROMs I'm fairly certain, and Sony have announced that they will be releasing an official update to Jelly Bean next year.

      The Nexus isn't actually cheaper. Oh and it was only released in Australia just over half a year ago, and I got it the day before it's official release. Get your facts right before you try to bash it mate. Best $498 I've ever spent.

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