Lunchtime Deal: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 For $299

Some deals are definitely better than others, and this awesome deal on the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 is certainly one of the best we've seen this week. You can nab the Tab 2 10.1 from Shopping Express today for $299, down from $479. That's a sweet saving of $180.

[Shopping Express via OzBargain]


    Actually its only a saving of $45. Officeworks sells them for $344 standard.

      Still a sweet deal, though.

        Take the price to a officeworks & they will beat it by another 5% = $284.05
        and they wont (can't ) charge for shipping if you walk in to a store.

          Do they match online prices?

            I got a wireless usb off them last week, it was marked at around $75 MSY had is for $27 and they beat it by 5%. Just showed the lady the price for it on my phone.

      Technically it is a saving between $30 to $36 as there is a $9 to $15 shipping charge.

    I like

    Its actually a saving of NOTHING because Australia Post sells them for $299 normal price

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