Lunchtime Deal: How To Score A Free Slurpee From 7-Eleven

We love celebratory Slurpee days from 7-Eleven, and to celebrate the seventh day of the eleventh month (geddit?!), you can nab yourself a free slurpee. Here's how you do it.

Unlike previous 7-11 Days where you can just head in, get a Slurpee and nick off, this year requires you to present a coupon. It's a little tedious but for sweet, free Slurpee goodness, who are you to complain?

All you do is go to the 7-11 Day website and follow the instructions. It involves you registering your name and email address, receiving the coupon and claiming it between now and the November 11. Simple!


    Only downer.... Free SLURPEES will be served in small cups ONLY!

    How the hell am I meant to get a brain freeze with a small cup?

      Step 1. have the requiered equipment
      Step 2. Slurp
      Step 3. ????
      Step 4. Brainfreeze

    Free slurpies

    Meh, good on them for doing something for slurpee fans, but I'd rather pay $3 for a super cup.

    It's not actually a free slurpee for everyone, it's only one per email address.

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