Leather Oven Mitts: The Toughest Way To Whip Up Cupcakes

Oven mitts are boring. We use them to make sure our lovely fingers aren't fried by a hot pie pan. Half the time though they aren't insulated enough to work.

But sometimes low-tech is the right approach — take this leather grill mitt a $US12 buy on Amazon. The padded mitt protects your fingers from heat, splatters, and sparks. And it just looks great. There's something kind of perfect about pulling out a broiled pan of cow flesh with a tanned strip of cow hide.



    Except they can't actually be shipped to Australia. Well, I'm sure they could, but Amazon wont do it.

      depends on the reseller mate


      this one will ship to Aus.

    Just buy a pair of welding gloves. They have the added advantage of having fingers, so you gain a lot more control.

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