Leather Cases That Are More Beautifully Crafted Than Your iPad

While an iPad is robotically handcrafted by a Foxconn slave, these Feit iPad cases are lovingly made in a family-owned atelier in Florence. At least from the photos, the details show. Because these leather sleeves are lovely.

Unfortunately at $US366, the pair costs a little bit more than an iPad Mini. But I guess if you can afford two iPads, you can pay for a beautiful leather case. Order them now and they ship December 23. [Feit]


    Hi there. My name is Dale from TheSnugg.com. Lovely case there by the way :-). Just wanted to throw a link to our range and see what you guys think. Take a look:

    Im no 'Spam Bot' by the way :-) Take care and have a merry christmas!

    Gotta say I prefer saddleback leather, that stuff is mad (not no mention insanely durable), plus they have a 100-year guarantee. Have to say it through, their gear's wear-in period of 10 years is slightly excessive

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