LaCie's New Waterproof USB Key Is Smaller Than Your House Key

The problem with little USB jump drives is that no matter how many you own, you've never got one when you need it. You could've have sworn you tossed one in your bag, but when it's time to pass files around, it's not there. That's why we're tempted to keep LaCie's new PetiteKey dangling from our keychains.

The PetiteKey comes in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB for $13, $20 and $36 respectively in Australia. It's waterproof down to 100 metres, scratch-resistant and tough. There's a two-year warranty, should you want to test that toughness out. But, best of all, it's much tinier than its cute-but-not-as-useful ancestor, the iamaKey: The little USB drive weighs 8g and measures just 1.5 inches long. In other words, it's smaller and lighter than most actual keys, which means it's actually convenient enough to carry with your everywhere. [LaCie]


    That is actually really nice pricing, but it's probably USB2.0 and probably slowish.. damn when will they make 3.0 standard for all brands!!

    Now thats pretty cool, price and design. My only concern would be the heavy keys I have may damage weak USB ports.

    I used to put sandisk USB keys on my keyring, but the plastic always snapped.

    Edit: Ordered :> Thanks Giz

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    As nice as this is, I thought we moved from USB into cloud storage so nobody ever says 'where is that USB' again

    USB2.0 only. Likely max write speed of 4MB/s, so writing 32GB will take approx 2hrs 13mins. Then again, it's made for convenience, not performance.

      I've had something better than this for close to 3 years, micro (2cm long 1cm wide 4mm thick) 16gb USB, encased in stainless steel, waterproof to 150m, hanging from my keys atm.
      Its been through the wash multiple times, i've ran it over in the car, i've left it in on my cars dash in the sun all day, and it still works a charm

      and your right Stew at USB2 speeds, copying 10gb takes over an hour

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      I assume every company releases USB 2.0 because the majority of the world haven't upgraded to 3.0 yet.

      USB2 has was more bandwidth than that, the write speed is bottlenecked by the NAND and controller.
      I have USB2 devices that will write at around 40MB/sec

    Personally I wouldn't buy one of these because I A) don't want a heavy object (my keys) hanging off a USB port or B) the hassle of taking the key off all the time.

      That's why you put a keyring circle thing on your usb drive, then use one of those small carabeaner things as a keyring. That way you can detach easily any time.

    I would be tempted if it were USB3 compatible

    Awesome! I have a 16gb lacie key on my house keys.. so bloody handy! whenever you're at a mates and wanna grab something or anywhere for that matter, 99% of the time i will have my house keys with me. USB3 would be good, but these things are quality, durable and convenient. Also alot cheaper now from the looks of things, mine was more than double the price of an equivalent 16gb stick at the time but it's what i wanted and it's been one of the best purchases i've made.

    Hence why I have had a snap, SD card/ USB mem-stick on my keychain for something like 6 years... That too appears to be nicely waterproofed.... (sadly it is only 4GB, time for an update )

    Hey I didn't realise that non water-proofness was an issue with portable flash memory devices, I think they are usually just mounted in a blob of plastic, that's fairly water resistant.....
    (And the connecting wires are generally gold, again doesn't corrode too much....

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