LaCie's CloudBox Shares Your Files From Thousands Of Kilometres Away

One household, zillions of files of music, movies and games. Today, LaCie introduced another solution for sharing all of them — the CloudBox. Here are the prices you'll pay in Australia.

Available in configurations of 1TB for $179, 2TB for $239 and 3TB for an unspecified price, the NAS kit lets everyone who's hooked up to share their stuff remotely. Setup is supposed to be a breeze too — just plug in, connect to the internet, and the software will appear on your screen. Then you can stream movies to any network-connected Xbox 360, computer or TV, as well as download music and photos from where ever. It's a pretty surefire solution if you have tons of files you want to stash and share with little to no hassle.




    Seems remarkably inexpensive for what it reportedly does.

    I paid waaaay more than that for a remotely accessible NAS a few weeks ago, just to achieve the same thing :-(

    I wonder how good its firewall and security are?

    Only problem is with these inexpensive nas theres no redundancy for disk failure.

    As a standalone box, agreed with Virt: nice and inexpensive for what it does. I still prefer a HTPC that is connected both to network and TV, and can share its entire contents using SkyDrive. But then again a HTPC is a lot less portable and uses more power than this lil guy.

    3 tb ain't enough man :'(

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