Julian Assange Is Suffering From A 'Chronic Lung Condition'

For the past five months, Julian Assange has been holed up in a tiny room within the Embassy of Ecuador in London. It's the only place in the city he can avoid extradition to Sweden -- but it's having some serious implications on his health.

The Guardian reports that Assange has a "chronic lung condition" -- it doesn't say exactly what -- which could worsen at an any time. Sadly there's no easy way for him to receive the medical treatment he requires, as setting foot outside the embassy would result in immediate arrest.

Assange currently lives in a single office room in the Embassy. According to the Guardian, his lifestyle isn't helping his condition:

He eats mostly takeaway food and uses a treadmill to burn off energy and a vitamin D lamp to make up for the lack of sunlight.

Assange moved into the Embassy to avoid extradition to Sweden, when Ecuador gave him diplomatic asylum earlier in the year. Now, he's pleading with the British Government to allow him safe passage to a hospital from the embassy. Until then, he's receiving medical treatment within its walls. [The Guardian]

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    But the important thing is he's not quite as capable of terrorizing the planet with information!!! Right?...

      Or facing charges of sexual assault...

        He hasn't been charged yet, I think you should look up facts before you assume or accuse someone with sexual assault.

          Facing charges is not assuming or accusing.

        Tatina get your sh!t right ... there ARE no charges... they want them for 'questioning'

          How about you get your facts right and at least manage to spell names correctly?

          You're right. He hasn't been charged. That's coz he hasn't been arrested yet. He needs to be arrested before he can be charged. And yes he is wanted for arrest.

            Incorrect, to be charged to don't need to be arrested ... actually most of the charges done without even having criminal under arrest ... thats kind of the whole point :)

        Rolling over in the middle of the night sex is the best type of sex. What reasonable person would think someone you just had consensual sex with would claim rape after they willingly (but apparently not consensually) have sex with you a second time in the middle of the night?

    Our government is a disgrace not returning JA to Australian soil. I am really embarrassed for all of us and our pathetic leaders.

      Our government has no power over JA since he is not in Australia and even if he was in Australia a successfully extradition request from Sweden would still put him in the same situation he's in now.

    I hope the narcissistic loser dies. Seriously, if it was anyone with a brain they would just want to go to Sweden and get it sorted out, one way or the other. To do otherwise is simply to show that he knows he has a case to answer. After all, it is bloody Sweden, a neutral country with absolutely no reason to be acting as a stooge for the US. The guy is totally paranoid and thinks he is some great do-gooder when he is just another nobody exposing old documents that anyone could access through freedom-of-information legislation if they wanted to. He is pathetic.

    Last edited 30/11/12 11:48 am

      I'm no expert on the case this guy has to answer to. But he just seems like a real tool, so he should be taken by force to Sweden. Guilty of being a knob is grounds for punishment. Too harsh? Nope. Not in my opinion. The Americans do bad stuff in wars? What a shock!

      All these people acting like he is JC and not JA is pathetic. Think about all the stuff going on in the world, or better yet in your own country and kick up a stink about it instead. Feed the homeless in your own backyard. Don't waste time on this worm.

        Hahahahahaha! So because you think he's a tool he should be punished? Great way to run society!

        And you say to think about stuff going on in the world and kick up a stink about it. That is EXACTLY WHY people will defend Assange, because he helped inform the world public about some horrible things governments around the world were doing. Without that information how can you get angry about something you know nothing about?!

        Seriously, put your head back in the sand.

          "horrible things governments were doing" Like conducting a war which, I'm pretty sure everyone already knew was happening? Or are you referring to that diplomatic cable that was "uncovered" in which a diplomat bitches about another diplomat? This guy is just a narcissistic dick who broke various laws and is now being held up as a martyr under the banner of 'free speech'. He's not the messiah, he's just a very naughty boy.

      You sir - astound me.

      A. Sweeden and USA foster a very friendly relationship. Their Prime Minister has been quoted in wishing to strengthen transatlantic links with the US since 2006! They also have NATO links.
      B. 'Questioning' in a country with countless 'Anti-terrisom Laws' allows him to be unrightfully detained due to a label THEY see fit to give ('THEY' is not even a court system and it can be complete suspicion) Australia also has similar laws to these. Googke 'Anti-Terrorism Act 2005' read up!
      C. I do love how you think everything is conducted at round-tables and you can just 'sort it out in Sweeden'

      Wake up and understand that information and the conducting of misinforamtion is bigger and more powerful than you thinks. Jullian holds the linch pin.

        What? He is not being taken to answer terrorism charges so none of the anti-terrorism laws apply. His extradition was granted by an open court in the UK. Obviously they found that there is just cause for his extradition or they would not have ordered it. He had his day in court, he lost, he is now a fugitive, as well as a gutless nobody who clearly thinks he should be above the law. How much due diligence do you reckon the government of Ecuador did before granting him asylum? I'm thinking about as much as you, far less than the UK court or the Swedish police, that's for sure.

        Seriously, what sort of idiot thinks the US would even bother to set up such an elaborate plan for someone as totally ineffectual as this hopeless moron? If they wanted him, they would have trumped up some charges in the US and taken him from the UK but he is not even worth that to them. If it wasn't so pathetic it would be funny.

          Wow - your theory is very one way isnt it.

          The charges or request for extridition from the US wont be placed until he is in the custody of an ally or maluable govenment. He is wanted for the 'questioning' for 'alleged sexual charges' which is just the bait. Its called playing the hand!

          Im happy to let you mull over everything you just worked yourself up about - I just hope your not beleiving everything that eliquently written up and I sure hope I dont offend your precious trust in govenment decisions.

          Your comment about the US thinking he is 'ineffectual'? Wow, it astounds me the most. Im betting you havent even begun to see the UNCENSORED information (videos, pictures, documents) released by WikiLeaks. Especially those relating to the Iraq War - do some reasearch and take a look at the bigger picture AND if you have, you have to agree with me that is anyone in Washington had two brain cells to bump together most definititly would NOT see him as ineffectual.....

          Anyway - Im over and out for this topic, I just hope you learn to appreciate BOTH sides before building your very deffesive and agressivly worded castle on one. If tyou detest the man - fine, just appreciate the information he has released that opens peoples eyes to the truth.

            Here's a good read everyone should... I guess read.


              I hope you read the comments too - way more interesting. Considering one made a substatial point reagarding the writer of that article and his ability to truly 'bust the myths'.

            Ha-ha-ha! What planet do you live on? Do you seriously believe that the UK wouldn't hand him straight over if the US asked? There are no closer allies than the US and UK. In fact, I reckon Ecuador is more likely to hand him over to the US than Sweden. Only Julian Assange thinks the US has any interest in him. They have prosecuted the idiot who handed over the unclassified rubbish Assange published. He is the person who broke the law, AFAIK Assange did nothing illegal. I think you've been watching too much Spooks - time to come in from the cold and join the rest of us in the real world.

              The Iraq war was an illegal one. It broke the international laws that were set in place after WW2. Imagine a judge who goes out on weekends and breaks into homes and steals things, he then goes back to work on Monday and sentences you to 3 years in prison for breaking and entering. Does that sound fair to you ?.....doesn't, does it ?

              You are an idiot stfu.

              Last edited 01/12/12 8:26 pm

            The U.S. has held people in Gitmo for decades for nothing. Since when does law have anything to do with the issue ? if law had anything to do with it then the U.S.A. would be before a tribunal for crimes against humanity for starting an illegal war that has killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

            The U.S.A. is no better than Nazi Germany when it invaded Poland.

            People are forgetting one simple thing here, the entire war was illegal.

            Last edited 01/12/12 8:35 pm

      You dis JA because you know him from where exactly? Should you ever get into any legal difficulty perhaps strangers will also wish your death.

      JA has been designated by the US as an "enemy of the state" and should he ever get into US hands would suffer greatly.

      How do you know that Sweden won't allow his extradition? You don't. In fact you sound like you're just sprouting right wing propaganda. You are the pathetic one.

    Wow I'm surprised with MotorMouth. I suggest watching this broadcast from Democracy now which was aired yesterday. To me he's a hero!


    just out of the blue here, but has anyone else noticed that he looks like an older neil patrick harris in this photo?

    Telling the truth when everyone else is lying can get you in serious hot water. So, telling the truth about an illegal war is illegal ?

    America is no better than China when it comes to freedom of speech. They just have the illusion of freedom of speech, and if it's an illusion then you have no real freedom. How can you break the law if your government has already broken it ? Americans are brainwashed zombies.

    How can what JA has done be considered illegal if the entire war in Iraq was illegal ?

    There is NO difference with what America is doing to what Nazi Germany did by invading Poland. It's the same damn thing.

    USA has lost the plot.

    Last edited 01/12/12 7:25 pm

    So this is what happens if you exercise freedom of speech?, Oh the elite. seriously the Man is in need of medial care you'd think they'd put away the charges in order to save a HUMAN beings life. not worry about there secret little projects in Africa or brazil. ffs ppl

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