John McAfee, On The Run, Stops To Ask For Tech Support

John McAfee, On The Run, Stops To Ask For Tech Support

John McAfee may still be on the run from authorities in Belize — despite claiming that he is innocent in the murder of his neighbour, Gregory Faull — but he still has enough free time to post to a private message board asking for information about how phone tracking works.

Last night, McAfee posted this message using his “stuffmonger” alias:

How long does it take for a phone company to triangulate a cell phone signal? With what accuracy? Is there any way to confuse/delay the system? If a cell phone is turned off, but the battery is installed, is there any way to locate the phone? Are there any brands of phones are more/less difficult to triangulate ?

Answers ranged from useful to speculative, but one poster’s response might have summed it up best: “Well, this is awkward…”

McAfee is currently wanted for questioning by Belizean authorities, although no charges have yet been filed. McAfee contends he would be framed or murdered if he were in custody. The Prime Minister of Belize yesterday called McAfee “bonkers“.

Joel Johnson is a science and technology writer living in Brooklyn. He writes regularly on his site, Mote and Beam.