iTunes 11 Hands-On: So Fast And Clean You Might Actually Come Back

iTunes 11 has arrived, dispensing with the outdated mediocrity of iTunes 10. We couldn't wait to get our hands on the app's redesigned interface. Here's a look at the beautiful new design that might bring frustrated users back to Apple's beleaguered media player.

The first thing you notice when you fire up iTunes 11 is that it's so much faster than its predecessor. So fast. We can't believe it's iTunes. When scrolling through the app's new graphics heavy album view, the tiles fly by. Apple must have completely rewritten the app to get these results.

Everything about the app feels fresher and easier to navigate thanks in large measure to the generous use of drop-down menus. When looking for music the whole screen is taken up by information about music instead of links to other sections of the application that you're not using. As for the MiniPlayer, well, it's the useful little player we've been waiting for since MP3s became a thing in the "Gettin' Jiggy With it" era. Well done, Apple.

Video: Nick Stango



    Any tips for those of us who like to sort classical music by composer?

      You may have to do the old "Get Info" and change the sort order trick, but I'm not sure if that would actually work....

      Make a smart playlist for 'Genre > is > Classical'. Then press Ctrl+B to show the menu bar and go View > Column Browser > Show Column Browser. Right-click on one of the column headings and tick 'Composers', and untick any columns you don't want to see. Now, whenever you go into this playlist, you'll be able to click on whichever composer you choose. For added efficiency, give the playlist a name with a piece of punctuation at the start e.g. *Classical, so that it sorts in the top of the alphabetical playlist order. It's slightly less smooth than just clicking 'Genres' and it being there, but it's basically the same result.

      Yep. assuming windows, hit the song view button. then hit alt to show the menu bar then view > column browser. there's an option there for view by composers. Hope thats what ur looking for!

        thanks guys that works (though not as pretty as before!)

    to bad it still can't use passthrough authentication for corporate proxy servers!

    Actually I find proxy support is now completely broken in corporate environment. Its gone backwards in this release and does not even seem to prompt for credentials any longer. This problem has existed in iTunes going back to 10.4. Seems Apple places no value on security or take up of the iPhone in these environments. This release of iTunes for myself is also extremely sluggish compared to version 10. I don;t know how the reviewer got the thing to be fast but its as slow as a wet week to start up and then equally slow to function. I was thinking of rolling back to iTunes 10.4 to get it to work but I think I'll just go and avoid all the issues and get an Android.....time to hop off the Apple roller coaster and get rid of the iTunes virus.

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