It's Too Bad This Insanely Light Dining Table Is Also Insanely Expensive

One of the few non-kitchen related tasks at Christmas involves prepping the dining room table with inserts or expansions to accommodate extra guests. But why wrestle with heavy slabs of timber when this lightweight table made from carbon fibre, kevlar and titanium can be set up and lifted by a single person? Oh, that's right, it costs $US68,000.

The Panther (yeah, the Panther) folds away flat in its own box and assembles in just minutes, so it really is the perfect way to expand your dining capacity during a hosting emergency. Or, you could also just limit the number of people you invite and use that money to buy them all a nice used car as a parting gift. That's another brilliant way to piss away such a ludicrous sum.

[Maximilian Michael Eicke via HomeChunk]

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